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VCN – According to Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee, the change in immigration and import-export process and anti-pandemic work in Lang Song province is to flexibly and quickly adapt China’s anti-pandemic measures. However, to implement the process conveniently and effectively, individuals and organizations should note contents guided by Bang Tuong town (China) and the People’s Committee of Lang Son province.
A Tan Thanh customs officer guides procedures for vehicles. Photo: H.Nu


At the Notice on January 7, the People’s Committee of Lang Son province recommended and required drivers of trucks carrying import and export goods and their companions to prepare the prescribed documents to carry out import and export procedures conveniently and strictly abide by the regulations on prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic of the authorities of Vietnam and China such as wearing of masks (N95) during the delivery of goods in China; provide complete and accurate information on the Health Declaration Form at the request of China Customs and take self-responsibility for the declared contents; and actively declare information on the Digital Border Gate Platform before entering the border area.

The People’s Committee of Lang Son province also said that to meet the request for Covid-19 testing by PCR method for drivers and their companions, the People’s Committee of Lang Son province assigned the Lang Son Department of Health to organize sampling locations at Huu Nghi international border gate and Tan Thanh border gate.

Based on a reply from the People’s Government of Bang Tuong town (Quang Tay, China), from January 8, China resumed export and import activities through Huu Nghi (Vietnam) – Huu Nghi Quan (China) border gate.

Accordingly, those entering China must present a certificate of negative PCR COVID-19 test within 48 hours (issued by one of eight agencies designated by the Embassy of China) and other procedures as prescribed. However, at present, China only allows Vietnamese and Chinese citizens to enter Huu Nghi (Vietnam) – Huu Nghi Quan (China) border gate. The entry into China for citizens of other countries maintains the prevailing policy.

Other border gates in the province have not yet reopened for entry and exit for citizens of the two countries. In addition to Huu Nghi international border gate, drivers and their companions can enter and exit through the Tan Thanh border gate.

For import and export activities, China has removed all nucleic acid testing measures against COVID-19 for import and export goods. Therefore, enterprises choose an efficient and convenient customs clearance method based on the actual situation.

The authorities of Lang Son province noted that China had not completed the equipment system and preparation work, so it is impossible to restore import and export activities through the border gate of the 1090 mark area from January 8.

At Chi Ma and Coc Nam border gates, the transportation of import and export goods through the border gate keeps going on according to the method that Chinese drivers enter Vietnam to deliver goods and receive import goods.

Continuing holding talks and trade facilitation

On January 7, the leaders of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province reviewed at Huu Nghi international border gate and Tan Thanh border gate on the implementation of plans when China restored import-export and entry and exit activities through border gates from January 8.

At the review, Ms Doan Thu Ha, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province, said that state management agencies and authorities at border gates in Lang Son are carrying out flexible plans to manage import-export as entry and exit activities.

Accordingly, the authorities have enhanced the control of entry and exit passengers through Huu Nghi international border gate following regulations. In addition, the authorities have strengthened information on China’s anti-pandemic measures for drivers, shippers and passengers. Furthermore, warehouse and yard operators at border gates have urgently arranged areas to facilitate the inspection and gathering of goods, providing timely services such as transhipment, loading and unloading.

Shortly, the People’s Committee of Lang Son province will continue to direct relevant departments and agencies to strengthen talks and exchanges with Chinese authorities to create the most favourable conditions for the import and export of goods, remove conditions on testing, extend the working time at the border gates and soon restore import and export activities at Tan Thanh border gate at 1090 as soon as possible, Ms Doan Thu Ha said.

Further, the People’s Committee of Lang Son province will restore other auxiliary border gates when that fully meet the conditions to improve customs clearance capacity to promote import and export activities, contributing to improving import and export turnover between Lang Son province, Vietnam and Quang Tay, China.

Ms. Ha suggested that organizations and individuals should contract with the Management Board of Dong Dang – Lang Son border gate economic zone when meet difficulties and obstacles in implementing the new method of delivery of goods. In addition, if there is a change in the method of goods delivery, import and export, the Management Board of Dong Dang – Lang Son border gate economic zone will also notify organizations and individuals.

According to the report of the Management Board of Dong Dang – Lang Son border gate economic zone, at this time, Lang Son province carries out customs clearance for about 1,000 vehicles transporting import and export goods per day. However, the economic zone management board’s representative hopes that given China’s reopening of customs clearance activities at the border gates from January 8, the customs clearance capacity for import and export goods will increase.

By Nu Bui/ Huyen Trang


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