Khanh Hoa Customs support businesses to raise revenue


VCN – Together with high trade growth, the effective trade facilitation and support to businesses has contributed to raising revenues, increasing budget revenue

Customs officers of the Nha Trang port customs guide procedures for enterprises (Khanh Hoa Customs Department). Photo: T.H
Customs officers of the Nha Trang port customs guide procedures for enterprises (Khanh Hoa Customs Department). Photo: T.H

Businesses receive maximum support

In 2022, Khanh Hoa Customs Department is assigned a target of VND2,275 billion by the Ministry of Finance and an ambitious target of VND3,000 billion by the General Department of Customs. As of December 14, the department paid the State budget VND3,494 billion, exceeding 53.61% and 16.49% compared to the assigned target and the ambitious target, respectively, up 61.67% year-on-year.

Most enterprises under management by Khanh Hoa Customs are import-export enterprises, export processing enterprises and petroleum import and export enterprises, so the department has offered many measures to provide maximum support to businesses.

Speaking to the customs reporters, Ms Cao Thi Mai Huong, 79 Ngo Gia Tu Company Limited, said her company often carries out import procedures for packaging and production materials through the Nha Trang port Customs Branch. As a result, customs procedures are very convenient and transparent; customs officers provide timely support and guidance on new policies, so customs clearance is quick, especially for shipments that go through customs procedures outside official working hours to promptly bring materials into production. “As a manufacturing company which is heavily dependent on imported raw materials, shipments arriving at ports outside of working hours or on holidays are supported by Customs, so the production is not interrupted,” said Ms Mai Huong.

In particular, Khanh Hoa Customs Department has participated in developing and implementing a plan to review and complete the management process for petroleum, gas, and synthetic chemicals; consult relevant units to manage and create the best conditions for businesses. In addition, Khanh Hoa organized a Customs – Business dialogue conference to share and remove difficulties and obstacles in customs clearance, which was appreciated by the business community.

To better understand and serve businesses, Khanh Hoa Customs Department surveyed business satisfaction with handling customs procedures in 2022. As a result, 67.27% of 46 surveyed enterprises feel very satisfied, 25.46% are relatively satisfied, and 7.27% are normal. Furthermore, Khanh Hoa Customs conducted time measurements for customs clearance at the department level in 2022. As a result, under Decision 1614/QD-BTC dated July 19, 2016, the customs clearance time by the department has met the requirements and facilitated businesses.

Given many support solutions, in the eleven months of 2022, Khanh Hoa Customs Department completed clearance procedures for 27,506 sets of customs declarations, an increase of 28.86% year-on-year; received and processed 1,177 dossiers on the online public service system, an increase of 11.04% year-on-year; and carried out procedures for nearly 2,000 turns of import and export means of transport, an increase of 130.31% year-on-year.

Support businesses to comply with the law

In addition to reform and trade facilitation, Khanh Hoa Customs Department also pays special attention to guiding enterprises to comply with customs laws. The department and customs branches always maintain an Advisory Group and a hotline to receive and handle problems and recommendations of individuals and organizations on customs operations and procedures and report to the General Department of Customs on problems beyond its authority; arrange customs officers to carry out administrative procedures for businesses; guide each customs officer to guide and disseminate customs and tax procedures, sanctions for administrative violations to businesses and conduct dissemination to customs declarants and taxpayers through many forms.

According to Khanh Hoa Customs Department, in 2022, the legal compliance situation of organizations and individuals in the field of customs is relatively good. Most of the enterprises in the area comply with the legal policies on customs to be exempted from inspection, enjoy fast clearance and save costs. However, there are still some enterprises that commit administrative violations on customs, mainly violating regulations on the deadline for customs clearance, customs declaration, customs inspection, and tax declaration, leading to tax revenue loss; Khanh Hoa Customs Department has disseminated and supported businesses through the pilot program to support and encourage businesses to comply with the customs law voluntarily.

Khanh Hoa Customs assists enterprises and raises budget revenue Khanh Hoa Customs assists enterprises and raises budget revenue

Recently, to implement the pilot program to support and encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with the customs law under the decision of the General Department of Customs, Khanh Hoa Customs Department held a conference to sign a memorandum of understanding with three businesses, including Khatoco Packaging Printing Joint Stock Company, Australis Aquaculture Vietnam Limited and Van Phong Power Company Limited. Khanh Hoa Customs Department highly appreciates businesses participating in this program, considering them essential “red seeds” to spread and multiply the sense of law observance in the business community. Khanh Hoa Customs Department has established a Steering Committee and a working group of the Steering Committee on Digital Transformation of Khanh Hoa Customs Department to implement the Digital Transformation Plan for 2025, vision to 2030.

By Le Thu/ Huyen Trang


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