Outstanding results of customs reform and modernisation contribute to the milestone of US 700 billion in trade


VNC – The administrative reform, modernisation and trade facilitation of the Customs sector has helped Vietnam’s import and export turnover exceed the milestone of US$700 billion for the first time while still ensuring security and safety and preventing revenue loss.

Customs officers of the Dong Nai Customs Department inspect imported and exported goods
Customs officers of the Dong Nai Customs Department inspect imported and exported goods

This is an outstanding result for the Customs sector in 2022. It can be seen that the encouraging growth rate after the Covid-19 pandemic resulted from the efforts of the business community to overcome difficulties to stabilise production, maintain the market, and ensure the global supply chain; the drastic direction and management of the Government and the Prime Minister and the accompanying with businesses and people to remove difficulties for production and business activities, and especially the important contribution of the customs sector in supporting import and export enterprises, ensuring raw material sources and supply chain, as well as promoting administrative reform and accelerating customs clearance procedures.

From the beginning of 2022, the General Department of Customs issued a plan to implement Resolution 01/NQ-CP dated January 8, 2022; Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 10, 2022, to promote reform of administrative procedures and Resolution 43/2022/QH15 dated January 11, 2022, on fiscal and monetary policies to support the P economic recovery and development program. In addition, the Director General of the Customs issued Directive 439/CT-TCHQ dated February 11, 2022, to enhance the efficiency of budget collection, which indicated general solutions and specific ones for each unit.

Under the Directive, the General Department of Customs requested subordinate and affiliated units to establish working groups to solve problems related to customs procedures for imported and exported goods to speed up customs procedures, improve the business environment, support businesses to develop stably and firmly, attract investment, increase new production capacity, promoting economic growth and creating a premise to raise revenue.

To accompany businesses overcome difficulties and restore production, the General Department of Customs offered policies on an exemption, reduction and extension of taxes and charges to support businesses and business households who faced difficulties such as import tax exemption of about VND3.9 billion under Decision 155/QD-BTC, Decision 436/QD-BTC, Decision 2138/QD-BTC and Decision 1921/QD-BTC; free tax and VAT of VND113 billion on goods imported for the pandemic prevention under Resolution 106/NQ-CP about VND 113 billion; and VAT reduction of VND16,677 billion according to Decree N15/2022/ND-NP.

In addition, in the context of the strong industrial revolution 4.0, the General Department of Customs has launched the electronic tax payment project with 46 banks in response to digital transformation and modernisation.

Further, the General Department of Customs has also worked with the General Department of Taxation to organise business dialogue conferences to remove business problems and difficulties.

Therefore, as of December 15, 2022, Vietnam’s import-export turnover officially hit US$700 billion. This is an impressive result of the continuous efforts of the Government, ministries, central and local agencies and the business community.

This result will be an essential basis for ministries and agencies to complete their assigned tasks, restore production, business, and socio-economic development and especially the Finance sector and the General Department of Customs fulfilled the budget task in 2022, boosting Vietnam’s trade activities and affirming Vietnam’s role in the global supply chain.

In addition to trade facilitation, to improve the efficiency of state management and prevent revenue loss in the budget collection in 2022, the General Department of Customs requested customs units to focus on collecting and analysing information inside and outside the sector, identifying signs of risks to take inspection, supervision and control measures; strengthen post-customs clearance audit, specialised inspection, fight against smuggling and trade fraud; enhance inspection and control of import and export goods at the customs units to create consensus and uniformity in implementation; focus on inspection of quantity, value, code, and origin to detect and promptly handle violations; collect and handle tax debts to realise assigned targets.

Vietnam continuously achieves records in import and export value Vietnam continuously achieves records in import and export value

Thus, the customs collected VND1,170 billion from anti-revenue loss work in the first 11 months of 2022

By Ngoc Linh/ Huyen Trang


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