Ha Nam Ninh Customs strives to achieve the highest result


Ninh Binh Customs inspect the use of raw materials at the enterprise's headquarters. Photo: H.Nụ
Ninh Binh Customs inspect the use of raw materials at the enterprise’s headquarters. Photo: H.Nụ

Revenue collection reaches 94.24% of the target

According to Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department, the unit currently manages 1,046 enterprises registering to carry out customs procedures, rising 5.87% of the number of enterprises compared to 2021. In particular, Ninh Binh Customs Branch has 174 enterprises carrying out procedures, Ha Nam Customs Branch is 654 enterprises, and Nam Dinh Customs Branch is 224 enterprises.

Those enterprises mainly operate in the fields of exporting bamboo and rattan products, sedge, wood products, processed minerals, electronic components, garments and footwear; importing machinery and equipment following type of investment and business; raw materials for the garment industry; plastic beads; raw wood; automotive components; chemicals as raw materials for the production of medicines; raw materials for the production of all kinds of milk…

Talking to reporters, Mr Pham Hong Thanh, Director of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department, said that Ha Nam Ninh Customs has strictly implemented the regulations, regimes and policies of the State and regulations of the Custom sector. Furthermore, enhancing the roles and responsibilities of the head; the deputy level in charge of each subordinate unit has proactively conducted internal reviews and inspections to detect and prevent shortcomings and loopholes in the direction, administration and task performance.

Notably, to facilitate enterprises, the unit has strengthened administrative procedure reform, customs modernization, and IT application in professional stages; to step up the fight against smuggling and trade fraud, strengthen the organizational apparatus, and strengthen discipline. Also, the unit continues implementing synchronously practical solutions to remove difficulties for enterprises, facilitate trade, improve the effectiveness of state management, combat revenue loss, and strive to fulfill the task of revenue collection.

The recovery in production of business community operating in the three provinces (Ha Nam, Ninh Binh and Nam Dinh) has increased the chance of completing assigned tasks of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department earlier. As a result, as of November 15, the unit has received and processed 374,204 sets of import and export declarations registered by enterprises with nearly US$20 billion turnover. As a result, state revenue collection of the whole Department reached VND 6,304 billion, equaling 94.24% of the assigned plan.

Ha, Nam Ninh Customs has also actively urged the collection and handling of tax debts; review and correctly classify debt groups following the instructions; arrange qualified and experienced customs officers to strengthen inspection and review of goods names and HS codes right from the stage of clearance to detect and handle violations.

In addition, Ha Nam Ninh Customs has strengthened anti-smuggling investigation and handling of violations. In particular, focusing on collecting, analysing, evaluating and processing information of professional customs operations; control the import and export of precursors; implementing professional customs control measures to proactively detect, effectively prevent and fight against acts of violating the law on customs. Furthermore, the unit conducts key reviews and supervision for destructible scrap items. Checking the conditions, standards and functions of the waste destruction unit following regulations…

Striving to achieve the highest result

To help enterprises achieve high efficiency in production and business, Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department has strengthened the support for enterprises to grasp and quickly implement support policies of the State. Also, from this work, Ha Nam Ninh Customs has grasped and promptly removed many difficulties and obstacles for enterprises, especially quickly solving procedures for importing input materials for factories and importing production lines, equipment and machinery from abroad to Vietnam… to support enterprises operating production and business as planned.

According to Mr Pham Hong Thanh, to complete the plan at the highest level, Ha Nam Ninh Customs has continued to promote the reform of administrative procedures, facilitating trade activities, especially organizing the dialogue, and removing difficulties and obstacles in production and business. Furthermore, Ha Nam Ninh Customs will also supervision, follow up and firmly grasp the operation situation and influence of each enterprise order to offer support solutions as well as increase new revenue sources; step up inspection, control and close supervision to promptly detect and strictly handle acts of smuggling, trade fraud, and illegal transport of goods through the area. Thereby ensuring to improve the efficiency of revenue sources, striving to complete the state revenue plan of 2022 at the highest level.


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