2022 is the year the Government deploys solutions to support businesses on a large scale


Proactively propose supportive solutions

According to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance has actively monitored the actual developments to research, propose, and submit to the competent authorities as well as issue solutions according to its competence on the extension of the tax amount.

2022 is the year the Government deploys solutions to support businesses on a large scale
Deputy Minister of Finance Cao Anh Tuan spoke at the conference. Photo: Quang Hung

The Ministry of Finance has coordinated with the Vietnam Confederation of Trade and Industry (VCCI) and the Ministry of Planning and Investment to propose and advise the Government to submit to the National Assembly for approval Resolution No. 43/2022/QH15 on fiscal and monetary policies supporting the Socio-economic Recovery and Development Program, and at the same time continuing to implement solutions on extension, exemption and reduction of taxes, fees, charges and land rents.

In the taxation field, the General Department of Taxation continues to expand the scope of implementation of the electronic tax declaration, payment and refund system: The electronic tax declaration system has been deployed in 63 provinces and cities, 100% of tax sub-departments belong with 99.9% enterprises using electronic tax declaration services; 98.9% of enterprises pay taxes electronically; 99% of enterprises participate in electronic tax refund.

In particular, the e-invoice system has been officially applied nationwide from July 1, 2022 with all operating organizations and businesses that use invoices to switch to use electricity bills, all business households and individuals doing business according to the registered declaration method, converting to use electronic invoices as prescribed; deploying the Portal for Foreign Suppliers from March 21, 2022 to facilitate tax declaration, payment and tax management for foreign suppliers, Etax Mobile application, etc.

It is expected that the implementation of these solutions in 2022 will support businesses and people with the value of taxes, land rents, fees and charges of about VND233,000 billion, of which the amount of taxes, fees and charges is exempted or reduced bt about VND98,000 billion; the amount of tax and land rent to be extended is about VND135,000 billion.

Despite facing many difficulties in 2022, thanks to the efforts of the business community and entrepreneurs to overcome difficulties and the effective implementation of supportive solutions by the management agencies, the state budget revenue has recorded very positive results. Accordingly, the total domestic tax and fee collection in the first 10 months of 2022 reached 107.2% compared to the same period in 2021. Tax and fee revenue is increasingly sustainable and ensures investment in the development and maintenance of the apparatus, ensuring social security and national security.

According to Deputy Minister Cao Anh Tuan, with the above figures, it can be seen that 2022 is the year when the Government’s solutions to support businesses and people on taxes, fees and charges have the largest scale and the widest application in many years.

Implementing the Government’s resolutions on key tasks and solutions to keep improving the business environment and enhance national competitiveness in the past years and in the 2016-2020 period as well as the 2021-2025 period, the Ministry of Finance has been implementing many aspects of work, focusing on perfecting institutions, reforming administrative procedures and modernizing to create favorable conditions for enterprises.

In general, 100% of administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and its affiliated units have been provided online. So far, the total number of online public services deployed by the Ministry of Finance is 813.

Of which, the level 3 and 4 online public services are 464 (a rate of 57.07%) and have completed the connection and integration on the National Public Service Portal, reaching the rate of 63.79% (30% higher than the Government’s requirement).

Online public services of the Ministry of Finance provide more and more utilities, help reduce time and costs, bring satisfaction to organizations and individuals, businesses when participating in transactions with the Finance agency and receive a good evaluation.

Closely monitor the situation to propose appropriate solutions

Besides the positive and favorable factors, it is forecast that there will still be many difficulties and challenges from the general adverse effects of the world economy, high inflation pressure, etc, affecting the process of economic recovery and development. The Ministry of Finance will continue to closely monitor the actual situation to study and propose appropriate solutions.

 Conference scene. Photo: Quang Hung
Conference scene. Photo: Quang Hung

In the field of customs, the General Department of Customs continues to promote the implementation of the National Single Window, the ASEAN Single Window; manage, supervise and ensure the operation of VNACCS/VCIS; centralized, safe and secure IT systems with smooth communication lines; promoting the development and implementation of IT applications to create many advantages for import and export activities, towards building a smart Customs model, thereby helping to reduce paperwork, shorten time, and reduce costs to implement administrative procedures in the field of import and export, fundamentally change the method of specialized inspection management, move towards international integration and develop strong digital customs services.

In the near future, according to Deputy Minister Cao Anh Tuan, the Ministry of Finance will focus on drastically and effectively implementing solutions on taxes, fees and charges that have been and are about to be issued; simultaneously summarize and evaluate the implementation to have solutions suitable with the actual situation.

Carrying on researching and advising on the assessment, review, amendment and supplementation of the Tax Laws in accordance with the Tax System Reform Strategy to 2030 in order to synchronously complete the tax policy system in line with the standards in accordance with international practices, meeting the resource requirements for the implementation of the 10-year socio-economic development strategy 2021-2030, towards a tax system with a sustainable structure, ensuring the rational mobilization of resources for the state budget, and at the same time contribute to creating a favorable and fair investment and business environment, encouraging investment, promoting competition and regulating income reasonably and appropriately with the process of integration and sustainable development of the economy.

The Ministry of Finance will also continue to reform in all aspects of work, improve institutions, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the apparatus, reform administrative procedures in a more comprehensive and effective way, and continue to promote the modernization of the financial fields.

Especially reforming in the fields of taxation and customs, which are considered to be areas that are directly related to businesses and people, in order to facilitate and reduce costs for people and businesses that improve the business environment, contributing to enhancing national competitiveness.

In order for the policies to be effective in practice, on the part of state management agencies in the field of tax and customs, the Ministry of Finance hopes to receive positive feedback from the business community. Through today’s conference, as well as in the future, the Ministry of Finance hopes to continue to receive many candid and constructive contributions from the business community on Vietnam’s tax and customs administrative policies and procedures, in order to continue reforming and perfecting in the direction of becoming more and more transparent and specific, helping taxpayers implement tax policies fully, quickly and conveniently, contributing to investment promotion and export promotion, and in line with international practices and international commitments in Vietnam’s process of regional and global economic integration, Deputy Minister Cao Anh Tuan saind

Since 2014, the Ministry of Finance has always ranked among the top 3 ministries on the PAR Index announced by the Government’s Steering Committee for PAR, in which 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, the Ministry of Finance ranked second in the group of ministries and ministerial-level agencies, in 2017 it ranked third.

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