GDVC s Director General chairs a conference on sharing experience in preventing and combating smuggling


GDVC’s Director General chairs a conference on sharing experience in preventing and combating smuggling
Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can chairs the conference. Photo: T.H

Representatives of departments also attended the conference under the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) and 19 local customs departments across the country.

In the first working session, the representatives shared contents and experience learned from special cases with five topics, including the topic of fighting against activities that take advantage of outsourcing and export production to smuggle and evade taxes; the topic of combating refusal of receiving goods by enterprises; the topic of fighting against smuggling by sea; the topic of control and supervision for goods transported independently, and goods in transit; the topic of combating illegal transportation of foreign currency across the border.

The local customs departments also shared information related to special cases. The GDVC’s Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department provided experience in the investigation, verification and handling of the abuse of the E31 regime-importing raw materials for export production of cashew products by some enterprises for smuggling.

HCM City Customs Department shared experience in preventing smuggling and trade fraud through screening. Hai Phong Customs Department discussed the tricks of refusing to receive infringing goods by enterprises to abdicate responsibility. Some enterprises refused to receive goods, but the department prosecuted criminal cases through investigation and verification.

In the topic of drug prevention and control, the departments shared experience related to topics such as the topic of precursor control in the customs field to assess risks in this work; the topic of the process of detecting, preventing and handling by the customs for cases of drug trafficking and illegal transportation; the topic of using specialized equipment for drug prevention.

In addition, the departments also spoke about shortcomings and difficulties and provided solutions to the problem to perform the work effectively.

According to Deputy Director of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department Nguyen Van On, in the role of protecting national security and sovereignty, the customs force is in charge of effectively controlling imported drug precursors, strictly following the customs process and preventing the smuggling of the precursor into the domestic market; coordinating with the competent agencies to manage the imported precursor closely.

The representatives of many customs departments shared their practical experience in coordinating to tackle special cases and lessons from the successful destruction of drug cases. In addition, the departments discussed and shared their operational process for handing the cases.

GDVC’s Director General chairs a conference on sharing experience in preventing and combating smuggling
Director General Nguyen Van Can discusses with local customs departments. Photo: T.H

After the two working sessions, Director General Nguyen Van Can conclude that the departments shared invaluable experience in combating smuggling, trade fraud and drugs. They also spoke about operational solutions and problems in performing. The GDVC’s leader instructed to solve these problems.

Regarding drug prevention and control in the customs area, three local customs departments successfully performed in combating drug-related crimes by air, sea and land. The departments developed plans, collected information and tackled the cases, showing their experience, proficiency and efficiency.

In recent years, the prevention of drug-related crimes by Vietnam Customs has been stronger and more professional. The achievements in this work have contributed to the fight against drugs in the country.

Vietnam Customs has tackled many transnational and regional smuggling cases. The Customs also seized large-scale cases. “Although we have not yet achieved results as expected, the overall results are encouraging,” said the Director General.

The discussed contents at the conference were grouped, including a group on the prevention of smuggling and trade fraud by sea, air and land; a group on drug prevention and control, which are made into document materials, and clips to be used as materials for studying in the whole sector, and for dissemination and report at international and domestic conferences.

After the conference, the departments’ leaders must request officers to perform strictly and enhance efficiency in this work.

Deputy Director General Lu Manh Tuong instructed local customs departments and branches under the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department to supplement contents to report to the GDVC to compile as learning materials.

The Deputy Director said that the Customs sector facilitates import-export activities for economic growth and national security and ensures the control of smuggling and trade fraud.

In the first ten months of the year, the Customs sector detected about 14,000 smuggling cases worth about VND4,800 billion. This shows the great effort of the sector in anti-smuggling and trade fraud, creating a transparent environment and preventing revenue loss.


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