Units consider administrative reform a useful tool in direction management Ministry of Finance


Units under the Ministry of Finance have paid attention to administrative reform. Photo: Quang Hung
Units under the Ministry of Finance have paid attention to administrative reform. Photo: Quang Hung

Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued Decision 2154/QD-BTC on the publication of the PAR Index 2021 of units under the Ministry of Finance.

Accordingly, the General Department of Customs leads with 93.7 of 100 points in the General Department block. The Department of Accounting and Auditing Regulations and the Insurance Supervisory Authority lead this list in the Department block.

Assessing the PAR index 2021, the Ministry of Finance said its units have paid attention to this work, developed specific plans and programs, and issued guiding documents for the implementation of each unit.

Units have considered the PAR Index a useful tool in the direction and management of administration reform, clearly identified the shortcomings, limitations and responsibilities of the heads, civil servants and public employees as an important basis to evaluate the performance of official duties.

In addition, based on the Ministry’s PAR Index, the General Department of Customs has researched and developed a separate and appropriate set of criteria to measure, evaluate and rank PAR results for units under and directly under the General Department.

According to the Ministry of Finance, in 2021, all units have not achieved the maximum score because some criteria have not been completely satisfied, such as criteria for announcing and publicizing administrative procedures, implementing the IT application plan, etc.

The determination of the PAR index 2021 of the units under the Ministry applies the indexes in Decision 328/QD-BTC dated March 22, 2021, of the Minister of Finance and Decision 328/QD-BTC adding new criteria based on the implementation of assigned tasks in the new situation.

To ensure fairness and substantive assessment for the units, especially those assigned to perform more tasks than other units; Decision 328/QD-BTC has used the K-coefficient to calculate the percentage of task completion for the units, in which there is an additional criterion on the performance of tasks arising outside of the year plan assigned by the Minister.

As for the performance of the General Department, the average PAR Index in 2021 of the General Department is 88.9%, 1.3% lower than in 2020 (90.2%), led by the General Department of Customs with 93.7 points, 0.85 points higher than 2020.

The assessment of administration reform performance for the units was accurate, objective and consistent with their implementation. As a result, the score difference between the units is not significant. However, because the volume of PAR tasks in the General Departments is very large and heavy, some criteria and component criteria have not gained the required maximum points.

As for the results of the Department block, the average PAR Index in 2021 of the Departments is 70.6%, 3.35% lower than in 2020 (73.95%), led by the Department of Accounting – Auditing Regulations and Insurance Supervisory Authority with 75 points, 0.38 points lower than in 2020.

In 2021, leaders of units and departments paid attention to directing the implementation of administrative reform to units, divisions, and civil servants. In addition, some departments have still not provided sufficient verification documents, taking additional time for the review and assessment.

The Ministry of Finance said the assessment of the PAR Index for the units under the Ministry has helped the Ministry monitor and evaluate the PAR results at the units objectively and fairly, towards quantizing the performance results in the units.

Based on comparing the PAR results of the units, the Ministry of Finance has identified strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of PAR and proposed solutions to implement PAR at units in particular and of the Ministry of Finance in general, thereby contributing to improving and maintaining the PAR ranking of the Ministry of Finance.

It is known that the PAR Index 2021 is structured according to seven evaluation areas: Steering and administration, Institutional reform; Administrative procedure reform; Organizational reform of the apparatus; Capacity building; Public finance reform and Administrative modernization.

Administrative reform should focus on benefiting people, businesses: PM Administrative reform should focus on benefiting people, businesses: PM

The General Department and the equivalent are evaluated on seven areas, 37 criteria, 84 component criteria and a scale of 100 points.

The Department is evaluated on seven areas, 33 criteria and 64 component criteria on and scale of 80 points.


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