Quang Ninh Customs achieves prosperity through increased revenue from imported petroleum and coal


Quang Ninh Customs achieves prosperity through increased revenue from imported petroleum and coal
The Hon Gai Seaport Customs Branch Officers are employed under Quang Ninh Customs Department. Photo: Quang Hung

Revenue from imported petroleum and coal surges

Speaking to Customs News, Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Customs Department Trinh Vna Nhuan said the department is assigned a revenue target of VND10,000 billion in 2022. By the end of October, the department’s revenue exceeded 27% to about VND12,700 billion. Three customs branches of Hon Gai, Cam Pha, and Mong Cai completed and exceeded the revenue target.

To complete and exceed the revenue target, since the early year, the department has developed plans to support businesses, including focusing on assisting in the customs process for commodity groups that contribute high revenue in the area. For example, the department has established working teams to support and encourage enterprises to carry out procedures in the area.

According to the deputy director, since the beginning of the year, petroleum products have remained an essential commodity that contributed to the department’s revenue. Although some petroleum importers tend to decrease the import volume, the petroleum volume imported from Vietnam National Petroleum Group still surges, and the price of petroleum products in the world increases. These are the key factor that brings prosperity in revenue collection in the area.

The volume and the price of imported coal increased by 2-3 times compared with the previous year due to the high demand in the domestic market, especially steel mills, thermal power plants, cement plants, etc.

As of October 24, Hon Gai Seaport Customs Branch’s revenue after tax refund saw a year-on-year increase by 34.62% to VND5,401.8 billion, meeting 118.85% of the target in 2022, and accounting for 43.21% of the entire department’s revenue.

The revenue from petroleum products rose by 122% to VND3,539 billion, accounting for 65.5% compared with the year ago.

In addition, the revenue from raw materials for animal feed production reached VND576 billion, accounting for 10.6%; raw materials for oil vegetable production reached VND314 billion, accounting for 5.8%.

“In addition to the revenue from imported petroleum and coal, the revenue from some new items imported by large corporations and enterprises such as LG and Samsung contributes to the department’s revenue, including auto parts, assembled components, and mobile phones,” said Trinh Van Nhuan.

Continuing to attract businesses

In the last month of the year, Quang Ninh Customs Department will continue to implement solutions to reform administrative procedures, improve service quality, not limit working hours in processing procedures, creating favourable conditions in import and export activities to attract enterprises.

“In the last months of 2022, Quang Ninh Customs continues to be assigned the revenue target of VND13,200 billion by the General Department of Vietnam Customs. Motivated by the current progress of revenue collection, the department will achieve and exceed the target,” said Mr Trinh Van Nhuan.

To enhance the effectiveness of state management and prevent revenue loss, Quang Ninh Customs also focuses on collecting and analyzing information, identifying signs of risks to inspect and supervise, performing post-clearance audits and fight fights against smuggling and commercial fraud.

The department will strengthen inspection and control for imports and exports at its subordinate units to create consensus and unity in the performance of tasks. It will also focus on inspecting quality, value, code, and origin and prevent revenue loss in the area.

The department will review and check the name, code and tax rate of goods in customs clearance and post-clearance audit to detect and handle violations related to the false declaration of HS code or name of goods to enjoy low tax rates or special preferential tax rates; strictly inspect commodities under the list of import and export that show risks in terms of classification and application of tax rates.

In addition, the department will expedite the inspection of customs value for products and enterprises showing a high risk of customs value under the system’s warning; avoid omission of shipments with undervalue declaration without customs rulings or handling in a timely fashion. Furthermore, focus on strictly controlling goods/enterprises under plans directed by the General Department of Vietnam Customs for imported consumer goods and exported raw materials, minerals and metal scraps.


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