State Treasury officially launches interoperability process between operational applications


VCN – On November 15, the State Treasury officially launched the interoperability process between the online public service program, the Treasury and Budget Management Information System (TABMIS) and the electronic bilateral payment system.

State Treasury officially launches interoperability process between operational applications

The State Treasury officially launches the interoperability process among operational applications.

Recently, the State Treasury has instructed the interoperability process for its subordinate units nationwide.

According to the State Treasury, the interoperability process is the integration and connection between the operational process with the online public service program to further meet requirements on reform and modernization, improve operational processes, enhance productivity and quality of the State Treasury system, and automate processing steps on applications, increasing convenience for users, transaction units and the State Treasury.

Accordingly, the recurrent expenditure documents of the transaction unit are sent to the public service system for bilateral payments with the commercial bank, after the tellers receive and complete the information, the chief accountant and the leader of the Treasury unit sign for approval on the online public service program, and the documents are automatically linked to TABMIS. The electronic bilateral payment will be automatically transferred to the commercial bank.

The pilot implementation at some local treasuries has shown the efficiency of the process for the development roadmap of the State Treasury by expediting the advanced IT application and providing online applications and services for residents and units using the state budget.

The process updates and provides the data on the State revenue and expenditure transacted via the State Treasury, thereby providing information to the Government and the Ministry of Finance in the management and direction of the social economic development in timely fashion.


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