What are the proposals from enterprises about administrative procedure reform


A representative of an enterprise speaks at the conference. Photo. T.H
A representative of an enterprise speaks at the conference. Photo. T.H

Room for reform

At the conference to remove difficulties for import and export enterprises jointly organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on February 24, leaders of enterprises and business associations gave proposals to improve the efficiency of the administrative reform and reduce expenses for enterprises.

Appreciating the reform results of customs procedures, Mr. Le Duy Hiep, Chairman of Vietnam Logistics Business Association said that customs procedures have been simplified, and the Customs sector has effectively implemented digital transformation and information and technology in customs operations.

However, Mr. Le Duy Hiep said that the activities of logistics enterprises are related to customs agents. The conditions for being recognized as an authorized economic operator are still strict, so the number of authorized economic operators is still limited, while in other countries the number of these enterprises is very large. Therefore, Mr. Hiep suggested that there should be a mechanism to give priority to customs agents.

In addition, administrative sanctions in the field of customs are still strict for unintentional errors of enterprises, affecting assessment results, when Customs authority applies risk management. “It should improve the self-discipline of businesses; revise regulations on sanctions for unintentional errors. We will have specific recommendations on this issue for the management agency to consider,” said Mr. Le Duy Hiep.

Similarly, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Import-Export Association, said that through the actual activities of import-export enterprises, the drastic efforts of the Government and the ministries and State agencies in improving the business environment and trade facilitation have promoted positive effects.

Trade facilitation is a lever for import-export growth, which is clearly reflected in the impressive growth of import-export turnover in the last two years. In which, there is great support from Customs.

Customs has always been a pioneer in administrative reform. This is a big step forward for the Customs sector.

However, in fact, the Import-Export Association of Dong Nai province said that there are still many bottlenecks and room for drastic reforms to facilitate trade; and many barriers that should be removed for enterprises.

According to Mr. Hung, in the field of Customs and clearance of import and export goods, for ordinary goods, the transmission of registered data at customs branches has improved, so the declaration and clearance for export and import goods not subject to specialized inspection have been much more convenient and faster than before. However, for goods subject to specialized inspection, there are still many barriers.

Enterprises expect further reform

From the results of the implementation of customs reform programs, to further facilitate businesses, meet increasing requirements, as well as raise the competitive position for businesses, representatives of enterprises have recommended that the Customs sector continue to promote efficiency and reform more strongly.

According to VCCI’s survey of 3,600 import-export enterprises, businesses have proposed to improve the customs legal system, ensuring stability, consistency, modernity, feasibility, publicity, transparency, and accessibility.

Harmonizing customs procedures in accordance with international practices and standards; applying modern customs management methods in handling procedures from customs declaration, and clearance to post-clearance inspection.

Applying electronic records more thoroughly, towards complete online processing instead of both paper procedures and online procedures.

The Customs authority and other relevant agencies need to have a mechanism to connect and share the history of physical inspection of enterprises’ goods to avoid duplication.

Providing information and guidance to questions for businesses needs to be more focused and implemented more effectively with a dedicated team to advise and regularly update information.

Enterprises expect more support to reform business environment Enterprises expect more support to reform business environment

To support businesses more effectively with HS code identification procedures and customs valuation consultations.

It is necessary to develop a mechanism to monitor administrative discipline, public service and transparency in handling violators, and have effective mechanisms for enterprises to propose and complain about harassment and troublesome behaviors.


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