Việt Nam continues fight against corruption negative phenomena Party General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng


Party General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng delivers his speech when he met with voters in districts of Ba Đình, Đống Đa and Hai Bà Trưng in Hà Nội on Friday morning.—VNA/VNS Photo Trí Dũng

Việt Nam will continue to strengthen the fight against corruption and the prevention of negative phenomena among officials.

Party General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng made the statement on Friday morning when he met with voters in districts of Ba Đình, Đống Đa and Hai Bà Trưng in Hà Nội.

The meeting aimed to report the results of the second session of the 15th National Assembly and listen to the opinions and recommendations of the voters.

Trọng said a nationwide conference will be held soon to implement the Resolution, adopted at the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Việt Nam, on enhancing Party building and rectification work to a strong and clean Party and political system as well as and the prevention of corruption and negative phenomena among officials.

Trọng said the spirit of the resolution is to determine to wipe out selfish inpidualism.

“It not only aims to strengthen the fight against corruption but also against negative phenomena among officials,” he said.

It also aimed to resolutely fight against and strictly handle the deterioration of political ideology, morality and lifestyle of the officials, he said.

Previously, voter Bùi Việt Hùng of Quán Thánh Ward, Ba Đình District said that the 15th National Assembly continued to effectively perform its role of supervision to promptly detect violations and contribute to the prevention of corruption as well as closely supervise the implementation of key projects to prevent violations of officials.

Other voters suggested that the National Assembly should have a monitoring and management mechanism in order to fight corruption and negative phenomena among officials.

It also needed to improve the quality of supervision of the State agencies’ activities to prevent corruption and negative phenomena in investment, procurement, budget revenue and expenditure, voters said.

Voters also expressed confidence in the Party and State’s prevention of corruption and negative phenomena among officials, which has been determined to fight, prevent, and repel corruption and negativity, thereby strengthening and maintaining people’s confidence.

Proactive measures to prevent the pandemic

Voter Đào Bá Cường of Đồng Tâm Ward, Hai Bà Trưng District, said the State should pay more attention to conduct booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines for local people, especially giving priority to front-line workers and people at high risk of infection as well as speeding up the production of domestic COVID-19 vaccines.

Voter Lê Gia Ấn of Láng Hạ Ward, Đống Đa District suggested that the Hà Nội administration issue more specific policies to ensure social security, focusing on industrial zones with many workers to ensure production.

It should consider allowing students to return to school, depending on the developments of the pandemic in each district, he said.

Besides, other voters suggested to build a contingency budget for social security; implement policies to help those returning to their hometowns from pandemic-hit areas to get jobs and stabilise their lives; and continue to have preferential policies for doctors, who directly work in pandemic prevention and control.

Voters at the meeting highly appreciated the pandemic prevention and control work of the whole political system from the central to the grassroots level, especially the vaccination campaign that has been deployed quickly and widely in localities.

Responding to the voters’ comments, Hà Minh Hải, vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Hà Nội, on behalf of the leaders of Hà Nội, said the city administration had taken a range of solutions to prevent and control the pandemic with the motto of “people’s health first”.

The city had also set up special working groups to remove difficulties for businesses and households affected by the pandemic, he said.

The city was running a campaign to vaccinate children of 12-17 years old in association with the roadmap of allowing children to return to school, he said.

The city also developed treatment plans at medical facilities, which have recently been set up to receive and treat COVID-19 patients, and installed new oxygen systems in hospitals, he said.

“Through the opinions of voters, the People’s Committee will report to the Government for specific solutions, contributing to creating a driving force for socio-economic development and ensuring social security in 2022 while the pandemic is predicted to continue showing complex developments,” he said.

Speaking at the meeting, Trọng also said the Hà Nội administration must not neglect the fight against the pandemic.

It must actively take measures to fight the pandemic but still ensure socio-economic development and socio-political stability, he added.— VNS


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