Thanh Hoa Customs ranked first place in the DDCI index in 2022


Director of Thanh Hoa Customs Department Le Xuan Hue (3rd from the right) received the logos for the top units of the department and sector group by Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Do Minh Tuan and Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council Le Tien Lam
Director of Thanh Hoa Customs Department Le Xuan Hue (3rd from the right) received the logos for the top units of the department and sector group by Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Do Minh Tuan and Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council Le Tien Lam

This was the second year that VCCI Thanh Hoa implemented the assessment of DDCI of Thanh Hoa Province in the 2021-2025 period following the project approved by the People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa Province in 2021. Accordingly, the DDCI Thanh Hoa Index in 2022 remained 8 components, including transparency and accessibility of information, dynamism and role of the leader, time cost, unofficial expenses, fair competition, business support, legal institutions, and land access. In particular, indexes from 1 to 7 are used to score and rank the group of 25 provincial-level departments and sectors; indicators from 1 to 8 are used to score and rank the group of 27 People’s Committees of districts and cities.

VCCI Thanh Hoa has randomly selected more than 5,000 businesses, cooperatives, and individual households to distribute more than 12,000 survey papers. According to VCCI Thanh Hoa, in the second implementation of this project, VCCI Thanh Hoa revised and added several questions and answers to make the collected information more accurate and categorical; at the same time, the surveyors have regularly and actively directly visited the area to guide enterprises to answer the survey form.

It has improved the representation, objectivity, and accuracy and reduced the survey time. As a result, there were 2,746 valid questionnaires put into processing data for calculation and ranking. In particular, 1,417 questionnaires were about evaluating departments, agencies and sectors; 1,329 were about assessing district-level People’s Committees.

As a result, Thanh Hoa Customs Department achieved 85.10/100 points, leading in the province’s departments and agencies, increasing 7.32 points compared to 2021 (77.78/100 points in 2021, ranked 2nd out of 25th in 2021).

In most of the evaluation indicators, Thanh Hoa Customs Department increased points. Accordingly, the Index of Information Transparency and Accessibility was 9.07 out of 10, increasing 1.05 points compared to 2021 (8.03 out of 10); Dynamics and the role of the Leader index was 9.61 out of 10, rising 0.58 points (in 2021 was 9.03 out of 10); time cost index was 8.75 out of 10, increasing 0.78 points (in 2021 was 7.97 out of 10); unofficial cost index was 7.41 out of 10, climbing 0.71 points; fair competition index was 8.36 out of 10 points, growing 1.81 points; legal institutions index was 7.72 out of 10 points, increasing 1.0 points; enterprise support index was 7.93/10 points, dropping 0.51 points compared to 2021 (8.44 out of 10).

Thereby, it could be seen that the unit has put continuous efforts in accompanying and supporting businesses to improve service quality, facilitate, remove difficulties and obstacles, timely and comply with regulations on customs procedures, reduce time and r costs, increase competitiveness for businesses; promoting the Customs-Business partnership, timely and effective settlement, meeting the satisfaction of businesses, helping businesses to understand more deeply about their rights and obligations, building business confidence in a favourable business environment.

This result recognizes the determination and solidarity in directing and administration and the relentless efforts of civil servants and employees in performing their duties and is recognized and supported by the business community in their management area.

Besides the points achieved, Thanh Hoa Customs Department would continue to seriously recognize and overcome the shortcomings, perform tasks and solutions to improve the business investment environment drastically, contribute to improving the provincial competitiveness index, continue to improve management efficiency, build a team of professional, in-depth, incorruptible civil servants, taking people and businesses as the centre;

Furthermore, promoting reform of administrative procedures, reducing and simplifying administrative procedures, improve the efficiency of inter-collaboration in handling administrative procedures to better serve people and businesses following the motto “4 increase, 2 decreases, 3 no”; creating a breakthrough in investment attraction, contributing to the successful implementation of Resolution No. 58-NQ/TW dated August 5, 2020, of the Politburo on construction and development of Thanh Hoa province to 2030, with a vision to the year 2045; Resolution 37/2021/QH15, Resolution 248/2022/NQ-HDND and Resolution of the 19th Party Congress of Thanh Hoa province, term 2020-2025 that have been set out.


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