Tax sector supports tax settlement online to cope with the pandemic


Tax departments are ready to support taxpayers in making tax finalization. Photo: Thùy Linh
Tax departments are ready to support taxpayers in making tax finalization. Photo: Thùy Linh

In order to both ensure pandemic prevention and promote dissemination to support taxpayers, tax departments plan to support businesses and people mainly by online methods.

Ready to make tax finalization

According to information from the Hanoi Tax Department, from March 15, 2022 to May 4, 2022, the Tax Department will implement the program “Accompanying businesses, organizations and individuals to make tax finalization in 2021” simultaneously at the Department’s office and 25 tax branches of districts, towns and regions with three functions: policy support; information technology support; and tax declaration assistance.

To ensure pandemic prevention and promote dissemination to support taxpayers to comply with laws on tax and policies, as well as create favorable conditions for taxpayers in implementing tax finalization, the Hanoi Tax Department plans to support businesses and taxpayers online. In particular, the number of individual tax finalization dossiers sent to the tax office online reached over 90%.

At Hoa Binh Tax Department, the Department has supported taxpayers to implement tax settlement for the year 2021 for businesses, organizations and individuals paying personal tax income in 2021. Also, from March 1, 2022 to the end of April 30, 2022 Hoa Binh tax department will process individuals who directly finalize personal income tax with the Tax office.

According to the representative of this unit, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, besides direct support at the “single window” division, Hoa Binh Tax Department will support taxpayers via email, e-tax, website, and zalo. During the peak month of supporting taxpayers in tax finalization, Hoa Binh Tax Department will send qualified and experienced officers to support and receive taxpayers’ documents directly at the single window division.

At Dien Bien Tax Department, it is estimated that the number of tax finalization dossiers of taxpayers in the 2021 tax period is over 3,400.

Accordingly, the finalization of corporate income tax is 1,182 dossiers; personal income tax finalization is 2,212 dossiers.

Leaders of Dien Bien Tax Department said that, in order to support organizations, individuals and taxpayers in the area to strictly comply with regulations on tax finalization in 2021, the Department had directed affiliated units to diversify forms of support, shifting from face-to-face support to online support.

At the same time, the tax office announced on mass media of the province that it was ready to arrange tax officers to assist and answer questions about tax laws in general and the annual tax finalization 2021.

Support online

This year, the tax sector’s communication has been completely switched to online mode.

According to the Hanoi Tax Department, the Department will support through its website and other interactive channels. Specifically, in the categories “Guidance on Tax Finalization”, “Dissemination and communication on legal education”, “News”, “Notice” on the website of the Department ( will regularly post the contents about tax finalization in various forms (news articles, slides, video tutorials) for interested organizations, businesses and taxpayers to easily access and comply with regulations.

At the same time, the content of the Hanoi Tax Department is also posted in parallel on the social networking sites of the Hanoi Tax Department (Facebook, Youtube, Zalo). The Department will also actively promote the removal of difficulties and administrative procedures through the system of 479 information channels to support taxpayers through the electronic tax system (eTax).

Similarly, Dien Bien Tax Department also plans to organize an online conference to disseminate new points to note when finalizing corporate income tax and personal income tax in 2021 in accordance with regulations. At the same time, the unit also held a dialogue and answered questions about tax finalization in 2021 on the Department’s website.

In order for taxpayers to easily contact tax authorities, Hoa Binh Tax Department has also published the phone numbers of the single window division, IT department, business, personal and other revenue management departments, accounting and tax declaration department, inspection – examination division 1, inspection – examination division 2 to facilitate taxpayers in solving problems in the tax finalization period of 2021.


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