Sweeping drug related crime in the sea


Coast Guard coordinated with police forces to arrest drug traffickers on April 6.
Coast Guard coordinated with police forces to arrest drug traffickers on April 6.

Active attack

Talking to reporters, Colonel Luong Dinh Hung, Director of the Department of Professional Techniques and Law of Coast Guard Command, said that in the face of complex developments of drug-related crime, the whole force has collected and managed data, analyzed and processed information on the drug situation in their management areas, actively engaged in scientific research, and evaluated the situation of drug-related crime following the assigned tasks, geographical areas and domains.

With the drastic and synchronous implementation of professional measures and close coordination with specialized forces to prevent and combat drug-related crimes, including the police, border guard and customs, in the first six months in 2022, the whole force fought to destroy 152 cases, arrest 209 subjects; prosecute 63 cases with 68 subjects, and coordinate and hand over 89 cases with 141 subjects.

Exhibits seized include more than nine bricks of heroin and 530,6908 grams of heroin, 61,245 tablets and 157,997 kilograms of synthetic drugs, 4.2 grams of marijuana, 13 cars, 48 ​​motorbikes and VND309,450,000 in cash and many related exhibits.

In the peak month of drug prevention and control this year, the Coast Guard coordinated with relevant competent forces to fight 45 cases and arrest 66 subjects. In particular, 25 cases were prosecuted with 28 subjects and exhibits seized were two bricks of heroin, and more than 105 kg of synthetic drugs.

To achieve the above results, as well as coordinating with competent forces, the Coast Guard’s specialized drug prevention force has worked closely with Party committees and local authorities to disseminate the provisions of the Law on Drug Prevention and Control 2021, the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard and related legal policies and encourage cadres, party members and the people to effectively grasp and effectively implement programs, plans and projects on drug-related crime prevention.

According to Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phan Quang Huy, Head of the Drug-related Crime Prevention Department, Department of Professional Techniques and Law (Coastal Guard Command), destroying groups of drug-related crime in the sea is not only dangerous but also more difficult than the suppression of drug-related crimes in other areas.

The case of detaining Taiwanese ship KAI SHYANG (China) involved in transporting drugs at sea. The competent forces discovered the KAI SHYANG ship and three crew members were entering the waters of Quang Ngai. However, at this time, the sea was very rough, with waves of level 7, level 8, making it very difficult to approach the offending ship.

It took many hours of struggling with fierce waves, the Coast Guard force approached KAI SHYANG. When accessing a large number of drugs that were no longer found on the ship, the ship owner could not prove the purpose of illegally encroaching on Vietnamese waters. However, only a short time later, the competent forces recovered dozens of packages of heroin drifting in the sea not far from the location where the KAI SHYANG ship was discovered, Colonel Phan Quang Huy said.

Promote communication work

With a large management area and small force, in the task performance, the Coast Guard focuses on closely coordinating with the Police, Border Guard and Customs forces.

According to Colonel Vu Trung Kien, Deputy Legal Commander of the Coast Guard Command, each force has its own strengths, when they were working together, it would create a synergy to fight and prevent drug-related crimes efficiently. Accordingly, the Coast Guard always closely coordinates from communication to implementation of combat plans. Furthermore, supporting forces and technical equipment in monitoring objects and ships at sea, exchanging information on methods, tricks and new drugs; advising on the development and comment on documents related to the fight against drug-related crime.

According to Colonel Vu Trung Kien, the Coast Guard has chaired and coordinated to promote the dissemination of drug prevention in key and complex areas, especially in the areas of the harbor, schools with a variety of contents and forms, such as; direct dissemination, distribution of leaflets, building news, articles, dissemination via radio, electronic news sites on the internet, and billboards posters.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phan Quang Huy said that in the future, the Coast Guard will strengthen the search for sensitive sea areas to prevent and repel the smuggling of drugs into Vietnam by sea. In particular, besides closely coordinating with competent forces, the Coast Guard will also; strengthen basic professional work; build a secret base; firmly grasp the key areas and targets related to drugs; and tighten investigations and promptly handle focusing on international transport ships.

At the same time, strengthening reconnaissance in five situations; coordinate in patrolling, inspecting, controlling, managing and closely monitoring foreign vessels and boats operating in key sea areas (Northeast, North Central, Southeast, Southwest) and international transport routes (China, Taiwan, Australia, South America) have conditions and possibility related to drug-related crimes.

In addition, continuing to effectively coordinate with the Police, Border Guard and Customs forces through the implementation of the survey and patrol plans on land and at sea; exchanging and sharing information, monitoring ships and boats, suspected subjects related to drug-related crimes; establishing special projects to fight and destroy large drug-related crime organizations and lines operating both inter-provincially and trans-nationally.

Moreover, organizing extensive dissemination to people about the new regulations and points of the Law on prevention and control of narcotic substances 2021 while continuing to integrate the content of communication on drug prevention in the mass mobilization “Coastal Guard accompany with fishermen”, ” I love the sea and islands of my homeland” programs.

Coast Guard Command will promote extensive communication to officers, soldiers and people of all walks of life about the harmful effects of drugs on the consumers, each family, community and society; consequences caused by a number of new synthetic drugs appeared in recent times. From there, people will understand more about the state management by law in the sea and islands, and they are willing to join hands with the Vietnam Coast Guard to fulfill the task of protecting sovereignty, and national interests at sea, maintaining security, order and safety for the sacred seas and islands of the Fatherland.


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