Studying guiding implementation of new policies on microinsurance


VCN – The Ministry of Finance should continue to study and guide the implementation of new policies on microinsurance; improve the performance of non-budget state financial funds.

Improve the quality of financial services to meet the needs of people and businesses. Photo: ST
Improve the quality of financial services to meet the needs of people and businesses. Photo: ST

The Government Office has just issued Notice 261/TB-VPCP dated August 23, 2022 on the conclusion of the National Steering Committee on Financial Inclusion at the first session.

In this Notice, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Head of the National Steering Committee on Financial Inclusion, assigns Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai on behalf of the Prime Minister to direct the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and relevant ministries and agencies to seriously absorb opinions at the session, review mechanisms and policies to remove difficulties and obstacles; develop specific programs and action plans of the Steering Committee and assign specific tasks to the members of the Steering Committee.

In order for the economy to quickly recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and develop sustainably, the Steering Committee has determined the implementation of the National Comprehensive Financial Strategy and solutions to support people and businesses to play a very important role.

It is necessary to renew thinking, methodology and take a more comprehensive approach, and take people as the center.

The Steering Committee requires all ministries, central and local agencies to fully and deeply understand the meaning of the Strategy in achieving national goals, improving the spiritual and material life of the people, especially in remote, border and island areas; and effectively perform the tasks and solutions of the Strategy, and periodically report and evaluate the implementation.

In which, the comrades in the Steering Committee should proactively fulfill the responsibilities of members of the Steering Committee, direct their ministries and agencies to implement the tasks actively, creatively and effectively, allocate appropriate resources and funds to apply modern science and technology, increase efficiency, save costs, and meet practical requirements, especially the expectations of people and businesses, promote the sense of responsibility of each individual in the Steering Committee in work to create collective strength and collective intelligence to realize the set goals and requirements.

The SBV, the standing agency of the Steering Committee is the focal point that closely works with relevant ministries, agencies and localities to carry out the tasks of the Strategy; focus on perfecting the institutional and legal framework in the field of monetary and banking; consolidate and develop the system of credit institutions in association with increasing the capacity of management and supervision, ensuring system safety; direct credit institutions to actively implement strategic orientations on product and service development, service supply channels, especially the application of digital technology solutions to diversify products and services, improve service quality, and meet the needs of individuals and businesses

Promoting the development of cashless payments; strengthening communication and orientation to create motivation for all classes of people and society.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has accelerated the completion of legal provisions on electronic transactions and completed the legal basis related to businesses using digital platforms.

The Ministry of Finance continues to study and guide the implementation of new policies on microinsurance; improve the operational efficiency of non-budget state financial funds of the nature of lending and credit guarantee; disseminate knowledge and policies related to finance and saving consciousness to people and businesses; encourage cashless payment in the collection and payment of taxes, fees and charges.

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By Huong Diu/ Huyen Trang


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