Smuggling across Tay Ninh Border Gate takes place amid pandemic


VCN – Competent agencies have closely controlled Tay Ninh border gates adjacent to Cambodia. Although the smuggling and illegal transportation of goods has decreased, this situation is still a problem.

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Tay Ninh Customs Department seizes cigarette smuggling amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Van Phu

Cigarette smuggling still occurs

From January, Tay Ninh Customs Department has detected 249 customs offences with 245 offenders, and seized infringing goods worth VND3.5 billion and US$7,813, increasing by about 17% compared with the same period last year

According to Tay Ninh Customs Department, the smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across Moc Bai, Xa Mat and Ka Tum has taken place on a small scale. Goods mainly are consumer goods transported by border residents from Cambodia to Vietnam across trails and border crossings. However, some smugglers have remodeled vehicles to hide and illegally transport goods across border gates.

Moc Bai and Xa Mat International Border Gates are common areas for smuggling and the illegal transportation of goods across border gates. In addition, smugglers have illegally transported cigarettes into Vietnam for consumption due to the difference in cigarette prices between Cambodia and Vietnam.

From January to October 15, Tay Ninh Customs Department handled eight cases of illegal transportation of cigarettes and seized 14,290 packs of cigarettes worth VND231.71 million. The local department handled seven cases with total fines of VND26.25 million, seized infringing goods valued at VND68.71 million; transferred one case worth VND163 million to the Police for prosecution.

Notably, in October, when the disease was brought under control and provinces lifted social distancing measures, smugglers resumed the cigarette smuggling. Tay Ninh Customs Department seized 2,540 cigarette packs.

The domestic consumption demand is forecast to sharply increase, especially before, during and after the Lunar New Year 2022, and the huge profits earned from this item. Therefore, smugglers will illegally import this commodity.

In addition, when the disease is under control and business production is restored, it will create favorable conditions for criminals to resume operations.

Strictly control the area

On January 10, Tay Ninh Customs Department coordinated with Moc Bai International Border Gate Border Guard Station to arrest Nguyen Huu Trinh, 26, in Cat Hung, Phu Cat Binh Dinh who drove a truck carrying eight Huawei Hilink camera boxes without customs declaration.

Some import and export enterprises in Tay Ninh province have abused preferential policies on investment and facilitation to import and export activities, channel classification of declaration to be exempted from physical inspection for fraud, causing revenue loss.

On October 10, Moc Bai Border Gate Customs Branch inspected a shipment, including 224 boxes of 32H plastic ice cube trays and eight boxes of plastic tape imported by Mihwa Vina Living Co., Ltd. The branch fined the company and seized infringing goods.

The department will strictly control passengers on exit and entry with suspicious signs to prevent and handle smuggling and customs offences. It will also implement measures to handle violations, strengthen inspection and supervision for high-risk items, and enterprises that abused the regime of transit, temporary import for re-export for smuggling, Director of Tay Ninh Customs Department Nguyen Van Bong said.

By Huong Diu/Ngoc Loan


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