Revenues increases VND5 700 billion from tax inspection and audit


VCN – Between January and October, the Tax sector conducted 52,300 inspections and audits, and collected VND5,700 billion.

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The Tax sector strengthens checks on tax dossiers at the tax office. Photo: Le Thu

By the end of October, the Tax sector conducted 52,299 inspections and audits, meeting 50.5% of the plan in 2021. The authority checked 711,467 tax dossiers, increasing by 36.4% compared with the same period last year.

According to the report, the total proposed fines from the inspection and audit was VND36,932 billion, equivalent to 71.9% year-on-year. The additional revenue from the inspection and audit, the reduction of tax deduction and the loss reduction was VND7,923 billion, VND1,773 billion and VND27,236 billion, respectively. The sector has collected VND5,704 billion in tariffs.

2,999 enterprises were inspected, meeting 56.22% of the plan in 2021. The total revenue from tax refunds and fines, the reduction of tax deduction and the loss reduction was VND2,498.01 billion, VND433 billion, and VND8,469 billion, respectively.

The report showed that 49,300 businesses were audited, meeting 50.9% of the plan in 2021. The Tax authority collected VND3,347.7 billion or 66.65% of the additional revenue from the audit.

The Tax sector has also strengthened the audit for tax records at the tax office. End-October, the sector examined 711,467 tax records, equal to 136.4% year-on-year, thereby, collecting adjusted revenue at VND402 billion, reduction of tax deduction of VND407 billion and loss reduction of VND1,210 billion.

The Tax sector has reviewed tax dossiers and detected fraud and errors of taxpayers to revise the tax amount or impose taxes.

Currently, the tax sector has conducted 3,264 inspections and audits after tax refund. This figure is equal to the total refunded tax amount of VND31,000 billion. The total tax refund and fine amount was VND739 billion.

The Tax sector will implement inspections for remaining enterprises according to the plan.

The General Department of Taxation will implement conclusions and proposals of the State Audit; request and summarize the results of the implementation of the State Audit’s conclusions and recommendations for timely reporting to the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister.

The Tax authority will urgently research, perfect and develop processes and regulations related to assigned tasks.

By Thuy Linh/Ngoc Loan


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