Removing problems on effective date of certificate of scrap imports


VCN – During customs clearance for imported scrap, the General Department of Customs encountered problems on the effective date of the certificate of eligibility for environmental protection in importing scrap as production materials.

Imported scrap. Photo: N.Linh
Imported scrap. Photo: N.Linh

The General Department of Customs has received certificates issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to importers of scrap, these certificates are usually effective from the date of signing, including some new certificates that replace the previously issued certificates.

Meanwhile, Customs and businesses will normally not receive the certificate immediately at the time of the new issuance.

Enterprises often sign import contracts with foreign partners and prepare documents and carry out customs procedures on the basis of previously issued certificates. Thus, there are some cases that customs clearance for imported scrap are carried out on the basis of the previously issued certificates (which expired at customs clearance time because the new certificate takes effect from the date of signing and replaces previously issued certificates).

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Therefore, in order to create favorable conditions for Customs and enterprises to carry out import procedures, the General Department of Customs proposed the General Department of Environment to advise the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to study and consider the effective date for certificates, especially for new certificates that replace previously issued certificates, and stipulate the transition period.

By N. Linh/ Huyen Trang


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