Quang Binh Customs Efficiency from supporting and accompanying businesses


VCN – To meet the increase in import-export and transit goods while the number of customs officers remains unchanged, Quang Binh Customs has been effectively implementing many solutions, contributing to the quick release of goods and shortening clearance time.

Customs officers of Cha Lo Border Gate Customs Branch, Quang Binh Customs Department at work. Photo: Quang Hung
Customs officers of Cha Lo Border Gate Customs Branch, Quang Binh Customs Department at work. Photo: Quang Hung

Enthusiastic support and guidance for businesses

As of April 15, 2023, Quang Binh Customs Department has processed 8,051 declarations (including 825 export declarations, 429 import declarations and 5,797 transit declarations), an increase of 125% over the same period in 2022. As a result, the total value of import, export and transit goods through the province rose 21% year-on-year to US$512 million (including US$41.4 million of export goods, US$74.1 million of import goods and US$396.3 million of transit goods).

At the end of April 2023, Cha Lo International border gate (Quang Binh) did not see congestion in means of transport of import and export goods and goods in transit. However, there are about 400-450 turns of transport of imports, exports and transit goods and passengers on entry and exit; the volume of means of transport accounts for more than 60%.

To achieve the above results, Cha Lo border gate Customs Branch has drastically developed many effective solutions, such as solving problems and guiding procedures for businesses and applying the information technology system to management to shorten customs clearance time and reduce business costs. On the other hand, the branch has also supported and encouraged businesses to participate in the 24/7 E-Tax Payment Program to expedite tax collection and payment.

“In addition, the branch has implemented many strict inspection and control measures, both to ensure and facilitate import-export activities to take place smoothly,” said Deputy Director of the Customs Branch Cha Lo Hoang Kim Dong.

As an enterprise involved in import and export through Cha Lo border gate Customs Branch since 2014, Mr Tran Van Dung, staff in charge of import and export of Duc Toan Co., Ltd said that his company had received enthusiastic support from the leaders of the customs branch and Customs officers at customs checkpoints. In addition, the customs procedures have been reformed, helping businesses be proactive in their operations. Especially since Customs has launched the 24/7 E-tax payment program, it has shortened the payment process from many hours to a few minutes.

Cha Lo border gate Customs Branch has become a reliable destination for import-export businesses for many years. The customs modernization and reform activities and the listening, understanding, and accompanying businesses of Customs officers are helping businesses stabilize production and attract more investors to Quang Binh.

Mr Nguyen Duc Hoai – Head of the Import-Export Office of Hao Hung Quang Binh Import-Export Co., Ltd., which specializes in manufacturing and processing wood chips for export, said that customs procedures are “electronicist” to help simplify procedures, shorten the time to declare customs “anytime, anywhere”. “The Hon La port Customs Branch has very well supported all the company. Shortly, the company expects the authorities and Quang Binh province to continue to upgrade and expand Hon La port to meet the import and export requirements of businesses,” Hoai added.

Make more efforts to shorten the clearance time

Deputy Director of Quang Binh Customs Department Nguyen Van He said that Quang Binh Customs Department has requested its units to establish working groups to understand the thoughts and expectations of businesses, thereby solving problems and sharing difficulties with them.

In addition, Quang Binh Customs units have been required to strengthen the collection and processing of information on customs operations to conduct targeted inspections, shortening the customs clearance time and review legal documents and customs procedures; effectively run customs reform and modernization programs and software such as online public service system, automatic customs clearance system (VNACCS/VCIS), 24/7 E-tax payment program; review the contingent of cadres and civil servants at all stages at border-gate customs branches to arrange work effectively; intensity internal inspection and examination promptly handle violations (if any).

Ha Nam Ninh Customs: accompanying businesses in the period of recovery and development Ha Nam Ninh Customs: accompanying businesses in the period of recovery and development

VCN – As of August 14, Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department met 63.43% of the assigned target. …

Moreover, the customs department has asked for further coordination with agencies at the border gate and departments under the General Department of Customs to quickly solve problems related to customs procedures for the business community.

By Quang Hung/ Huyen Trang


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