Preparing conditions for customs operation at Long Thanh International Airport


VCN – The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) has urgently met requirements on the operation, facilities and human resources for customs control when Long Thanh International Airport is put into operation.

Preparing conditions for customs operation at Long Thanh International Airport
Long Thanh International Airport Project. Photo: Internet

According to the GDVC, the Customs sector has studied the customs control model at Incheon International Airport (South Korea), Changji International Airport (Singapore) and practical experience at Noi Bai International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

The country’s top customs regulator has developed procedures related to customs management at the airport towards digital transformation, Digital Customs and Smart Customs Model.

In mid-June, the GDVC sent an official dispatch to the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) to give official requirements to ensure customs management at Long Thanh International Airport Project.

In addition, the GDVC’s departments have coordinated to build an organizational model and define the positions and tasks of officers under the operational process of the border gate customs branch and express delivery customs branch.

The GDVC has set up a working group to run the Long Thanh International Airport Project, which is led by the Deputy Director General and members as leaders of departments and provincial and municipal customs departments.

The working group is the focal point to work with the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and contractors in the project, report to the Ministry of Finance to propose the total investment for each phase; receive land to build the headquarters of the customs branch in the first phase of the project and works with the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam in applying for land to build the headquarters.

In addition, the working group is in charge of collecting information and design documents from contractors, conducting field research and surveys at Long Thanh International Airport, and giving comments on the design for each item related to customs management.

At the recent meeting related to the implementation of the project to build a customs office at Long Thanh International Airport, Deputy Director General Mai Xuan Thanh directed the units to perform specific tasks to ensure customs management.

The Deputy General Director requested the Customs Control and Supervision Department to build operational measures for customs control when the Airport is put into operation.

Reviewing requirements on customs operation by applying the model of customs management attached with IT application, ensuring convenient and effective customs operations at the airport as the customs models at airports in the world.

Proposing with the international airport investment management agency to invest in equipment, machinery, customs inspection, supervision and control to meet all customs requirements to ensure the information use and management under the model of Digital Customs and Smart Customs.

The Finance and Logistics Department is in charge of developing a design plan for the headquarters of the Customs office at Long Thanh International Airport based on the operational measures. The Personnel and Organization Department is asked to organize the apparatus, arrange officers at working positions to ensure efficiency, especially officers working at warehouses.

Besides, the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department is required to propose the investment scale and facilities for the sniffer dog center at the project to ensure customs management in each appropriate phase. The International Cooperation organized Department is assigned to work with Singapore Customs to support the working team and study models for the effective implementation of the Long Thanh international airport project.

The Deputy Director also asked relevant units to urgently perform tasks and strengthen coordination to expedite the progress and reduce time and enhance efficiency.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan


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