Over 18 000 drug related crimes in eight months


VCN – Between January and August, about 1,000 or more drug-related crimes were detected per month across the country, of which the month with the largest number of detected cases totalled 4,000 cases.

Over 18,000 drug-related crimes in eight months
Data source: Ministry of Public Security. Chart: T.Binh.

According to the latest information from the Ministry of Public Security, there were 3,577 social order related crimes nationwide in August (July 15 to August 14).

The law enforcement agencies handled 2,971 cases and arrested 5,760 suspects, meeting 83.06%, and tackled 76 drug gangs.

The number of crimes decreased by 179 cases, the detected cases fell by 180 cases, arrested suspected went down by 321 suspects, and rose by 35 tackled criminal gangs compared with the previous month.

The number of social order related crimes fell by 63 cases to 328 cases, and the number of crimes on environment and food safety rose by three cases to 54 month-on-month.

The number of drug-related crimes across the country went down by 925 cases to 1,930 cases.

In the first eight months of the year, 18,163 drug-related crimes were handled. Of which, January showed the largest number with 4,108 cases, up 3,232 cases compared with December 2021.

March saw the lowest number of violations with 1,120 cases, down 654 cases.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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