Nurturing entrepreneurship is the root to develop the Vietnamese business force


Nurturing entrepreneurship is the root to develop the Vietnamese business force

Could you please tell me your assessment of the business situation recently?

The Government’s report shows that the macroeconomic situation is quite positive, including statistics on the number of newly established enterprises, the amount of capital brought into the economy.

However, in addition, the picture of enterprises also shows that about 12,500 enterprises on average withdraw from the market every month. When responding to a survey by the General Statistics Office, about 17% of enterprises in the industrial production sector said that the coming situation would be “more difficult”.

In fact, some difficulties of enterprises are risks from the market, but there are also other risks from changes in policies and operation of management agencies that are beyond the expectation of enterprises, thereby affecting the business activities of enterprises. These are risks that enterprises are very concerned about.

In that context, the business community wishes that at the 4th Session of the 15th National Assembly, besides discussing and considering difficulties and challenges caused by the market and external objective factors, enterprises also want the National Assembly to consider risks and difficulties for business activities stemming from institutions, legal regulations, or operating methods of management agencies, ministries, branches and localities.

Most of these risks negatively affect the business activities of enterprises. For example, the recent congestion of petroleum supply is clearly related to the management and administration of the market by state management agencies.

Therefore, I very much hope that these contents will be gathered into a group of issues to be formally and systematically discussed at the National Assembly.

From there, there are solutions to better support the business community, making an important contribution to improving the business environment and creating favourable conditions for enterprises.

At this session, the National Assembly will give opinions on a series of important laws and documents for the business activities of enterprises. What is your expectation when many legal documents will be put on the table to be edited at the same time?

When conducting research on problems and inconsistencies in legal documents related to production and business activities, we propose the important principle of ensuring legal quality, and feasibility, as well as respecting market principles, taking enterprises and people as the centre.

More market in the sense of respecting the principles and rules of the market, avoiding interference in production and business activities of enterprises, clearly defining the rights and responsibilities of related parties and the supervision mechanism from society, and intermediate institutions.

At that time, improving the quality of law is not only perfecting the legal system, but also using market tools fluently in the legal system and in governance. The development and completion of the legal document system need to be fully assessed with different subjects, and the highest requirements are to create clarity and transparency in the legal system, and build a safe and convenient business environment without abusing administrative tools.

At this session, the National Assembly will discuss a series of very important laws for business activities such as the Law on Land (amended), Law on Electronic Transactions (amended), Law on Prices (amended).

I hope that in the process of commenting and formulating the law, market principles and market tools will be included as “soul”, the core principle of the law, instead of rigid administrative management tools.

In your opinion, what do enterprises need the most now?

Today’s generation of young entrepreneurs starts up because of the desire of the rich, because of the desire for innovation, reaching out to the world with the aspiration of a powerful Vietnam.

Greater aspirations come along with greater risks, therefore, need more institutions, policies, and actions to further strengthen trust, create a safe business environment, and create peace of mind for enterprises and entrepreneurs when starting up, innovating, entering new markets and lands, with unprecedented business models, products, technologies, and thinking.

Nurturing entrepreneurship is the root to develop the Vietnamese enterprise force.

More than ever, the business community wants a safe, transparent and predictable business environment. This environment needs to be based on long-term legal documents and policies, based on consistent principles of operation. Doing this will encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, start-up, and dare to take responsibility for enterprises and people.

In the current context, the number of newly established enterprises is very large, but I think that I have not yet felt the exciting atmosphere of start-ups as seen at the beginning of the renovation period, or when the Law on Enterprise was born.

I very much hope that the innovation in legal policy will continue to forge the spirit of entrepreneurship, thereby creating a strong impetus to promote economic recovery and development.

After more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the special context, the Government is forced to apply many specific mechanisms and policies, even unprecedented policies to serve the goals of pandemic prevention and currently, it is economic recovery and development.

Many administrative solutions were issued, on the one hand, creating a good effect for promoting economic recovery, but on the other hand, they also intervened more in the market or created the psychology of waiting for support from many enterprises.

Moscow entrepreneurs look for opportunities in Vietnam Moscow entrepreneurs look for opportunities in Vietnam

It is time for this ideology to step back and give way to operating according to market principles, taking the capacity and ability to use market tools as an important criterion in evaluating policy effectiveness and operation quality of the governing agency. That will improve the quality of public administration, enhance the competitiveness of the economy, nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit of enterprise, and best support enterprises and the economy. When the law is built according to the mindset that upholds market principles instead of thinking about taking care of enterprises or abusing administrative tools, then it will promote management and enforcement according to market principles, and enterprises will also have a new approach to the market and business opportunities.

Thank Sir!


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