Nghe An Ha Tinh Customs focus on tackling drug related crime


Nghe An-Ha Tinh Customs focus on tackling drug-related crime

Ha Tinh Customs arrests suspects in an illegal drug transportation case. Photo: D.Thong

Continuously detecting cases

In Ha Tinh, the trafficking and illegal use of drugs are the potential risk in targeted areas and Cau Treo International Border Gate. Some drug addicts have also used motorbikes and cars or moved across the border gate to buy heroin and amphetamine to sell.

The customs statistics show that the local competent agencies have handled many cases of transporting drugs in large quantity.

On October 22, the Police, Customs and Border Guard forces of Ha Tinh Province arrested Mai Van Thinh, 19, residing in Huong Son District, Ha Tinh province, who was transporting 4kg of methamphetamine.

On October 27, the local Customs and Police authorities seized about 2kg of drugs and over 5,000 tablets of amphetamine.

Recently, in four days, Ha Tinh Customs handled two cases of transporting methamphetamine across the border gate.

On November, 14, Ha Tinh Customs and Police forces arrested Tran Hong Linh 29, residing in Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh Province, who was transporting 12 packages of heroin by motorbike from the border gate to HCM City for consumption.

In Nghe An, in three months, the provincial Customs and Police have tackled many rings of drug transporting and trafficking with large quantities from Laos to Nghe An and then transported to Northern provinces.

Notably, on September 30, Ky Son District Police and Nam Can International Border Gate Customs Branch (under Nghe An Customs Department) and Nam Can Border Guard Station arrested two suspects, Lau Ba Cu and Cu Ba Chua, for transporting two packages of heroin and 6,500 tablets of synthetic drugs, two guns, three gun barrels, 67 bullets and other infringing goods.

In October, Nghe An Customs and Que Phong District Police tackled a special case and arrested Lang Van Hoa, 45, residing in Que Phong District, and seized 4,600 tablets of amphetamine.

On October 5, at Ky Son District, the local customs and police arrested Xong Ba Gio, 31, while he was transporting 2,000 tablets of synthetic drugs.

Recently, on November 11, the local competent authorities handled two special cases and arrested three suspects who were transporting 18,000 tablets of synthetic drugs and one package of heroin.

Preventing drugs rings and gangs

In Nghe An, the anti-drug enforcement force have tackled three special cases, combating three interprovincial and transnational drug trafficking rings from Laos to Nghe An and then transporting to the Northern provinces, arresting five suspects, seizing 2.6kg of synthetic drugs, 24,000 tablets of methamphetamine, 12 packages of heroin, 38 ecstasy pills, and VND1 billion in cash.

According to the anti-drug enforcement forces, international drug dealers in the Golden Triangle area tend to smuggle drugs from Laos to border gates in central provinces inland.

Previously, the quantity of drugs seized by the competent forces is only a few packages of heroin and kilos of synthetic drugs. Currently, the volume of infringing goods has increased to hundreds of heroin packages. In addition, during drug trafficking and transporting, smugglers used weapons to fight competent forces if they are arrested.

The drug trafficking and transportation on the border route, especially the North Central area border area, is forecasted to rise ar the end of the year. The anti-drug force of Ha Tinh-Nghe An Customs have combated many large drug rings, coordinated with the Border Guard and police forces in inspecting and identifying drug-related crime rings and suspects to effectively prevent drugs smuggled from the country across trails and border crossings.

According to the Anti-Drug Enforcement Team (Nghe An Customs Department), drug gangs have abused the Covid-19 pandemic for drug transportation and trafficking with new methods and tricks.

Nghe An Customs Department has coordinated with other local agencies to effectively implement measures, thereby successfully combating many major drug rings.


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