Lao Cai Customs copes with difficulties in revenue collection


The activities at International land border gate No.II has been suspened for more than one month causing many difficulties for revenue collection task of Lao Cai Customs Department. Photo: Thái Bình
The activities at International land border gate No.II has been suspended for more than one month causing many difficulties for revenue collection task of Lao Cai Customs Department. Photo: Thái Bình

Large revenue source plummets

According to Lao Cai Customs Department, in the first quarter, the whole Customs collected VND288.7 billion, reaching 18.74% of the assigned target of the Ministry of Finance for the whole year, dropping 2.01% over the same period last year.

With this result, Lao Cai Customs is one of the units with a low collection rate (compared to the whole year target) across the whole sector.

In fact, in recent years, the implementation of revenue collection tasks at Lao Cai Customs Department has always faced many challenges. For example, last year, by the end of December 31, 2021, Lao Cai Customs Department collected VND1,747.4 billion, only 0.7% higher than the whole year target assigned by the Ministry of Finance. Or in 2020, the Department’s revenue was only VND1,452.8 billion, equal to 91% of the whole year target assigned by the Ministry of Finance (VND1,600 billion).

Unlike many units in the whole sector, in previous years, one of the major sources contributing to revenue collection of Lao Cai Customs was from tax collection of export goods, specifically mineral products. However, in recent years, this export item has decreased sharply, so the revenue collection task of the unit has always faced many difficulties.

In particular, in the first months of 2022, traditional commodities with high tax rates such as ore, electricity, etc. continued to be strongly reduced or not generated. On the other hand, from February 17, 2022, import and export activities through international road border gate No. II Kim Thanh did not arise, at the Lao Cai international railway station Customs Branch still maintained import and export activities but the number of imported goods was limited.

Meanwhile, these are the two branches that contribute the largest revenue to the whole Department.

In this context, to ensure the implementation of revenue collection, the leaders of Lao Cai Customs Department directed units to strictly implement the provisions of the tax law, the direction of the Ministry of Finance, General Department of Vietnam Customs on the duty of import and export goods, state budget revenue.

Customs branches continue to strengthen administrative reform, facilitate enterprises to participate in import and export activities; promote the work of attracting import-export businesses, especially enterprises operating in Lao Cai province but carrying out customs declaration procedures outside the area and enterprises outside the area participating in customs procedures at border gates in Lao Cai province.

Along with that, it is necessary to actively collect information on production and business plans and import-export activities of enterprises that carry out procedures of import and export on spot; implement investment projects related to import and export activities in the area, and guide enterprises to register for tax payment procedures at the branches.

For new items, types and enterprises that participate in import and export activities in the area, accurately determine the product policies and tax to settle customs procedures and collect taxes as soon as they arise.

Strengthen loss prevention

In parallel with the solutions, Lao Cai Customs Department continues to strengthen the effective implementation of tax administration, fight against tax loss, and collect correctly, fully and in accordance with tax laws and policies.

The process of settling customs procedures will focus on the inspection of customs quantity and valuation, avoiding the situation of enterprises declaring low values ​​for imported and exported goods with high tax rates, including cases of having a tax rate of 0%; analysis, classification to apply the correct tax rate.

At the same time, the unit continues to perform the collection of outstanding debts, combating stagnation, bad debts, actively working with relevant authorities (Tax, Department of Planning and Investment, Bank, Treasury) to urge and recover tax arrears; receive and liquidate customs dossiers in accordance with the regulations; inspect the implementation of tax exemption and reduction in accordance with the provisions of law.

Along with that, Lao Cai Customs focuses on preventing and combating smuggling and illegal transport of goods across borders; focusing on conditional import and export goods, general merchandise, banned items, medical equipment; implementing professional measures on drug control in all stages, routes, areas, post clearance audit, specialized inspection, key inspection, key product inspection, inspection green channel declarations, checking the law observance of enterprises with high tax risks.

At the same time, the unit will maintain the implementation and improve the efficiency of online duty; goods screening; strict customs management of freight forwarding of e-commerce and express delivery.


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