Lang Son Customs supports enterprises to overcome difficulties


Lang Son Customs supports enterprises to overcome difficulties
Customs clearance takes place slowly at Tan Thanh Border Gate. Photo: Hong Nu

Making great efforts in customs clearance

According to Lang Son Customs Department, the volume of goods transported to the border gate is increasing, but the customs clearance capacity is still limited.

The customs clearance at the Huu Nghi- Huu Nghi Quan International Border Gate pair has been suspended, so that the quantity transported to Lang Son province has increased.

As of March 9, the customs clearance for imports and exports at many border gates is still slow. Only two vehicles carrying exported fruits and two vehicles of imported fruits were cleared at Huu Nghi International Border Gate. Up to 850 vehicles were congested at the border gate.

At Tan Thanh Border Gate, 61 vehicles of goods were exported, including 51 vehicles of exported fruits and 10 vehicles of other goods. Eight trucks of jackfruit and dragon were returned and 1,018 vehicles were congested.

Only four vehicles of goods were exported and 49 vehicles were imported, and 24 vehicles were congested at Chi Ma Bilateral Border Gate.

At the end of March 9, 1,892 vehicles of goods were waiting for export at the border gates. Of which, 1,315 vehicles are carrying fruit, accounting for 64% of the total number of vehicles.

Due to a large volume of vehicles congested at the border gate, Lang Son has notified enterprises and relevant units to arrange an appropriate time to transport goods to border gates for export to China.

To resolve this situation, the department has provided solutions to support businesses to overcome difficulties.

The local customs department has coordinated with local agencies to strengthen measures for Covid-19 prevention and control and improve customs clearance capacity. As of February 26, the local customs and transporters have applied the model of transferring containers. Drivers from other provinces must hand over goods to tractors and drivers at the border gates. These drivers will hand over these goods to the Chinese side. The method of non-contact closed cabins will prevent and control the disease. Moreover, the model will help reduce costs for businesses. The local customs department has also instructed businesses to effectively use the digital border gate platform, saving as much time as possible.

According to Deputy Director of Lang Son Customs Department Vi Cong Tuong, the department has exempted physical inspection for fresh fruit when Lang Son province resumes the receipt of exported fruits.

In addition, the department has supported businesses to carry out procedures online; maintained the operation of the working team to instruct customs procedures and management policies related to imports and exports of ministries and government agencies to businesses.

Striving to accomplish revenue collection

Lang Son Customs Department is assigned the revenue target of VND5,500 billion and an ambitious target of VND6,500 billion in 2022.

In order to achieve this target, the department has implemented solutions in line with reality. The department has focused on reforming administrative procedures and facilitating customs clearance, and processing 100% of dossiers in accordance with regulations. Currently, the department has quickly cleared each shipment, reducing costs and time for businesses.

In the first two months of the year, the import and export activities across border gates in the province suffered difficulties. However, the local customs department has processed 8,878 customs declarations. The import and export turnover increased 36% year-on-year to US$343,203 million.

Accordingly, the department collected VND1,180 billion, meeting 21.47% of the target and rising 27.84% year-on-year.

In addition, the department collected VND29 billion in fees under Decision 24/2019/QD-UBND dated December 31, 2019 of the local government.

According to Deputy Director Vi Cong Tuong, the department has directed units to maintain and operate the automated system for customs clearance; effectively implement administrative procedures under the National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window on specialized inspection for imported and exported goods.

The department has handled problems related to customs, tax policies, tax management, tax accounting, tax refund and tax exemption for businesses.

Currently, Vietnam’s fresh fruit exports to China face difficulties. The department has directed border gate customs branches to monitor the customs clearance and carry out procedures no more than one minute for shipments classified into the Green channel and no more than 3 minutes for those classified into the Yellow channel.

The department has requested officers to instruct enterprises to declare procedures and quickly handle problems for businesses.

The customs branches have been asked to strengthen inspection for goods, anti-smuggling and trade fraud, tax collection and coordinate with other units to identify the status of businesses to collect tax debts.

Focus on reviewing items in the list of goods with risks in price; strengthening inspection for name, code, customs value, tax rate of goods in customs clearance, and post-clearance audit to handle offenses.


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