Improving efficiency of cargo screening and risk management


VCN – The implementation of risk management measures on three routes of sea, land and air in modern customs control has contributed to improving the efficiency of risk assessment and screening selection and customs risk management.

Improving efficiency of cargo screening and risk management

Two container scanners at Hai Phong Customs Department. Photo: T.B

Strengthening risk management

In 2022, the Customs sector has reached and exceeded the screening target. The Customs sector has screened 105,134 containers, detected 6,713 suspected containers and 745 violated containers.

The total number of containers screened by the Customs sector decreased by 13.38%, suspected containers fell by 3.01% and violated containers rose by 4.63%.

In the year, the Risk Management Department has performed risk management for Green channel imports and exports. The department detected 254 Green and Yellow channel consignments that were ineligible for import, and falsely declared quantity and category.

The department has taken risk control measures for high-risk enterprises and business regimes such as implementing risk control for 104 enterprises and 198 items.

It has applied customs control at Noi Bai International Airport and Tan Son Nhat, thereby detecting six suspected medical shipments for Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control without a permit. The department has implemented pre-screening in HCM City and Da Nang for goods in transit to Laos and Cambodia, and detected 1,759 scanned containers.

In addition, the department has performed coordination and regulation in goods selection for screening, contributing to improving the efficiency of selection and inspection.

The department has issued written guidance and risk warnings to improve the efficiency of customs management for high-risk enterprises and business regimes such as importers that declare goods under H11 regime, and for imported consumer goods that are implemented under-value declaration and sent from China via express delivery service.

On the other hand, the Risk Management Department has focused on analyzing and identifying high-risk dossiers, enterprises, individuals and routes. The department has provided 528 pieces of information to the Online Supervision unit under the General Department of Vietnam Customs, and detected 122 violations.

Ensuring smooth goods screening

In 2023, the Risk Management Department continues to strengthen the analysis, assessment and selection of goods for screening; applies risk control measures to prevent and closely control risk goods and facilitate the compliance of enterprises. The department will promote the role of regulation in screening to facilitate import and export activities as well as ensure customs management.

The department will closely collaborate in the identification and selection of the goods; to reach the target of screening. Regularly grasp the situation, exchange information and coordinate with local customs departments to handle problems, and propose solutions to enhance the efficiency of screening.

In addition, the department will expedite goods screening during loading and unloading of goods in HCM City, Hai Phong and Da Nang; strictly supervise the screening and physical inspection for suspected cases; complete the screening target and enhance the quality and efficiency of this work.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan


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