HCM City Customs Department facilitates imports and exports


HCM City Customs Department facilitates imports and exports
Mr Hsiao Chia Hsin (Nathan), General Director of SHARP-Vietnam Electronics Co., Ltd (6th from left), shook hands with the Investment/Processing Customs Branch.

Resolving problems for enterprises

In April, following the working team of the Investment/Processing Customs Branch (under the HCM City Customs Department) to work with major FDI enterprises, we saw great efforts of enterprises amid the decrease in production and export orders. Moreover, the support and encouragement by the Customs to the Board of Directors and key officials of each enterprise motivate them to expand imports and exports confidently.

Representatives of some FDI enterprises said they were very happy when the branch worked with them when they were preparing to carry out many new programs and projects in Vietnam related to imports and exports and wished the support and guidance from the Customs.

On March 29, the People’s Committee of HCM City issued Decision No. 1128/QD-UBND approving and announcing the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Index of departments, agencies, People’s Committees of Thu Duc City and districts in 2022 in HCM City, the Department ranked Good in administrative reform and achieved the highest score.

Many FDI enterprises highly appreciated the support of the Customs. Mr Hsiao Chia Hsin (Nathan), General Director of SHARP Electronics Co., Ltd (Vietnam), highly appreciated the support from the Investment/Processing Customs Branch. He said the support motivates the company to expand import and export shortly.

The working team also worked at the branch of CALOFIC Co., Ltd in Hiep Phuoc, HCM City; the company discussed contents related to the import of products for the Vietnam market but then exporting a part of the products, submission of C/O form D for enjoying special preferential tax rates, refund of overpaid customs fees …

The Investment/Processing Customs Branch manager, Le Tuan Binh, said that FDI enterprises contributed great revenue to the State budget. FDI enterprises paid over VND 30,000 billion to the State budget.

Many large taxpayers pay several thousand billion VND of tax yearly, such as SHARP (Vietnam) Electronics Co., Ltd., Apple Vietnam Co., Ltd., and Intel… Moreover, amid the fluctuation of the global situation, the branch worked and discussed with the enterprises to share and resolve problems to support enterprises.

Customs branches have provided creative and appropriate methods to facilitate imports and exports. For example, the Zone 3rd Sai Gon Customs Branch worked with enterprises with large volumes of imports and exports to grasp the operation of enterprises and supported and facilitated imports and exports.

Promoting imports and exports

The import and export turnover across HCM seaports decreased sharply, affecting the city’s revenue. According to the Department, in the first quarter of the year, the Department implemented customs clearance for goods with a turnover of US$ 28.34 billion, down US$ 6.51 billion. Of which, the import turnover fell by 19.31% to US$ 15.31 billion; the export turnover decreased by 17.92% to US$ 13.02 billion year-on-year. This result has posed many challenges for the Department in performing the revenue target of VND145,800 billion.

According to Deputy Director of HCM City Customs Department Nguyen Huu Nghiep, the Department issued and implemented five programs and plans for reform, development, modernization and trade facilitation. These programs and plans show the sharing of the Customs for citizens and the business community; premise contributing to promoting the import and export of goods, increasing state budget revenue, and aiming to complete all assigned political tasks.

In addition, the Department has organized Customs training programs for the business community, which the business community has appreciated.

Director of Petrolimex Saigon, Pham Anh Tuan, said that in 2022, Petrolimex Saigon imported more than 1.8 million m3/ton of petroleum products and paid an import tax of over VND9,400 billion. In the year’s first quarter, the company carried out procedures for 118 declarations and paid VND 1,900 billion.

Petrolimex Saigon always strictly complies with the provisions of the law on customs procedures, inspection, supervision and control. The company has received great support and facilitation from Customs to help businesses complete their tasks.

HCM City Customs Department has also focused on disseminating and encouraging enterprises to participate in the Program to support enterprises in complying with Customs laws. Deputy Director of the Department Nguyen Huu Nghiep said that the Department asked 200 enterprises participating in the Project on Trade Facilitation at Cat Lai Port to switch to the voluntary compliance program


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