Hanoi Customs Department s revenue achieves impressive results


Hanoi Customs Department’s revenue achieves impressive results
Officers of Yen Vien International Railway Station under Hanoi Customs Department at work. Photo: N.Linh

Import and Export Turnover increases 22.4%

Deputy Director General of the General Department of Vietnam Customs Hoang Viet Cuong highly appreciated achievements in performing tasks and accomplishing all aspects of work, contributing to the overall results of the whole Customs sector.

Notably, the working groups have gained outstanding results such as promoting modernization, applying information technology to create favorable conditions for the business community; effectively implementing revenue collection; preventing smuggling, and commercial fraud, especially the results of drug arrests.

According to the leader of the Import and Export Duty Division under Ha Noi Customs Department, the department will continue to perform revenue collection in the spirit of supporting and facilitating businesses to overcome the pandemic while ensuring the management and drastically combating customs offenses.

Ha Noi Department has closely followed directions of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, and effectively performed revenue collection by creating maximum facilitation to businesses to attract them to carry out procedures at the department’s units and increase revenue.

All department units have actively grasped and removed problems for businesses through holding Customs-Business Dialogue Conferences, workshops, and working sessions with large corporations, enterprises and business associations in the area, promptly reported to the country’s top customs regulator and proposed the Hanoi People’s Committee to direct the local departments and agencies to coordinate in handling problems to facilitate the businesses.

The latest data shows that the department’s revenue recorded VND31,593/27,420 billion (up 15.2% of the estimate and 16.8% year-on-year), of which, Hanoi area alone reached VND23,966/21,900 billion (up 9.4 % of the estimate and 12.8% year-on-year).

The department’s leader expects that the revenue will rise by 22% compared with the target to VND33,500 billion as of December 31.

The total import and export turnover at the department hit US$60.69, including US$ 29.61 billion of export turnover and US$31.08 billion of import turnover.

The analysis of the Import and Export Duty Division shows that the revenue from 12 import groups with high turnover and tax rate recorded VND19,300 billion. Especially, five commodity groups increased 75% in turnover and 62% in tax compared with the previous year, including tobacco ingredients, computers, mobile phones, electronic products, household applications, and CBU cars with less than 9 seats.

Executing revenue collection since the beginning of the year

Although the State revenue in 2022 achieved outstanding results, facilitating to perform the tasks in 2023, Ha Noi Customs Department determined that next year will face difficulties due to low and slow global economic growth, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, negatively affecting the global economy and disrupting the goods supply chain.

It is expected that the assigned revenue target will be higher than in 2022. Therefore, in order to accomplish the target in 2023, the representative of the Import and Export Duty Division said that the department will continue to provide solution groups to facilitate enterprises.

The department regularly maintains contact with businesses, especially large enterprises to support them in the customs process; coordinates with associations, logistics companies to grasp problems and promptly solve them. In addition, it closely collaborates with other departments under the General Department of Vietnam Customs and local customs departments and governments of Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Yen Bai and Hoa Binh.

The department implements solution groups on technical operations. It analyzes, evaluates and assigns revenue targets to its branches, ensuring they are in line with reality to create motivation for these local branches, effectively facilitate to enhance the efficiency of state management, and prevent revenue loss and trade fraud.

The department focuses on analyzing and assessing tax risks such as importing goods different from the declared goods, declaring inaccurate quality, type, quantity, and value of goods to ensure revenue for the state budget; gives priority to law dissemination; promptly consults and answers questions of enterprises, helps them avoid violations; and encourages enterprises to voluntarily raise their awareness of law compliance. In addition, it guides regulations on the examination of documents, consultation and customs valuation based on combining criteria for goods and enterprise inspection, and customs value inspection in customs clearance; and inspects declarations with the risk of false declaration of customs value.


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