Hanoi Customs carries out solutions on raising revenue and loss prevention


Professional activities at Noi Bai International Airport. Photo: N.Linh
Professional activities at Noi Bai International Airport. Photo: N.Linh

Loss prevention

In 2022, Hanoi Customs Department set a target of collecting VND28,100 billion for the State Budget. In the context of pandemic prevention, recently, the leader of Hanoi Customs Department directed affiliate units to implement solutions to increase revenue. Heads of the affiliated units are requested to raise awareness of customs officers about the meaning and importance of customs reform and modernization associated with improving the effectiveness of management in task performance; improvement of cross border trade transaction index is one of the key tasks on customs reform and modernization.

Notably, Hanoi Customs Department directed units to concentrate resources to deploy loss revenue prevention solutions synchronously through inspection and supervision when carrying out customs procedures, tax management, post-clearance audit, specialised inspection and internal inspection, anti-smuggling and trade fraud prevention.

In this context, the control will be based on the actual import-export situation as well as tax and management policy in order to identify the key items at high risk when declaring the quantity, weight, type and goods name. Then classifying those items in to yellow and red channels in order to conduct an inspection at the clearance stage in order to stop the situation of declaring incorrect quantity, weight, type and goods name to evade tax.

At the same time, the Department asked to review and develop the List of import-export goods at risk of valuation and attached list of price levels for inspection appropriate with the price fluctuation of imports and exports.

In particular, focusing on developing a list of price levels for inspection for export goods that have high tax rates in order to carry out customs measures to handle and prevent cases of declaring unreasonable customs valuations for cheating and tax evasion. Furthermore, reviewing and conducting an assessment on risk level and inspection of cases of tax exemption, reduction, refund and duty free.

Trade fraud prevention

In the context of Covid-19, the risk of origin fraud is always present, Hanoi Customs Department has built and launched a specific plan on preventing fraud, origin fraud, incorrect goods labels as prescribed, infringing intellectual property rights and illegal transshipment.

In particular, focusing on effectively preventing fraud and origin fraud, evaluating enterprises exporting goods to the European market in terms of origin fraud and infringing intellectual property rights.

At key routes and key types of transport, the solutions are also set. For goods imported via express delivery service, postal service, transit goods, goods temporarily imported and re-exported, and goods subject to customs supervision, the measures are organized strictly.

Hanoi Customs Department has deployed information collection, established dossiers of each type of enterprise carrying out customs procedures in order to supervise goods of those types since importation, transport, temporary import and re-export. From that, identifying key subjects which are at high risk of trade fraud in order to apply appropriate inspection and supervision measures.

At the same time, the Department has carried out the analysis, risk evaluation for enterprises operating warehouses, yards and ports; enterprises operating import-export to detect and stop them from taking advantage to smuggle and trade fraud.

Moreover, customs enforcement units of Hanoi Customs Department are directed to drastically and synchronously implement customs measures in the context of controlling the pandemic and focusing on banned goods, conditional goods and goods with high tax rates.

With the implementation of solutions mentioned above, Hanoi Customs Department has chaired and coordinated to detect many cases of smuggling and trade fraud that contribute to creating an equal business environment.

Notably, on February 17, 2022, the Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) chaired and worked with Hanoi Customs Department to discover and inspect a shipment of Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits showing signs of illegal import, violating the Law on Customs. The shipment was transported from South Korea to Vietnam via Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi).

As a result, the competent forces detected 85,000 Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits originating from South Korea. The estimated value of the shipment was over VND8 billion. According to the regulation, the Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits are imported goods with conditions. It must have a license from the Ministry of Health. However, the subjects used the trick of declaring the incorrect name of goods for smuggling.

On February 18, 2022, the Northern anti-drug enforcement unit (Unit 5) – Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department worked with Hanoi City Police; Hanoi Customs Department to arrest a person who illegally transported drugs via Noi Bai International Airport.

The exhibits included a piece of paper weighing 8.4 grams including 500 small stamps which were “seasoned” with synthetic narcotics 1cP-LSD.


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