Hai Phong Customs handles 2 280 offenses in 8 months


VCN – The offenses handled by Hai Phong Customs Department are related to administrative violations.

Hai Phong Customs handles 2,280 offenses in 8 months
Officers of Hai Phong Customs use a sniffing dog to check goods. Photo: T.B

According to the city department, the number of arrests has showed the complicated development of smuggling, trade fraud and illegal transportation of goods across the border gates.

Suspects often commit violations such as failing to make customs declarations or making declarations inconsistent with the actual goods; concealing the origin and transportation route of the shipment; hiding the products for domestic consumption to outsmart the control of the domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies; and importing goods ineligible for import.

Some cases have implemented transfer prices or issued blank invoices for VAT refund; abused the regime of temporary import for re-export, independent transportation, for smuggling and trafficking of goods across borders.

In the month, the department handled 299 violations, including 297 cases of administrative violations, one case related to the illegal transportation of goods and currency across border gates, one case related to infringing intellectual property rights and fake goods. The total value of infringing goods was VND124 billion.

As of August, Hai Phong Customs handled 2,280 violations with the total value of infringing goods worth over VND1,776 billion.

Notably, the number of administrative violations at the department has tended to decrease in recent months, down 56 cases in August compared with July, down 98 cases in July compared with June.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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