Ha Tinh Customs promotes effective use of equipment in combating drug related crimes


VCN – Ha Tinh Customs Department has strengthened the use of specialized equipment and sniffer dogs for the drug prevention and control in the area.

Ha Tinh Customs promotes effective use of equipment in combating drug related crimes
The General Department of Vietnam Customs equips three handheld scanners for Ha Tinh Customs Department for drug prevention and control in the area.

Tackling crimes by scanners

As a “hot” area for smuggling and illegal drug transportation, drug trafficking from Laos to Vietnam across the border area of Ha Tinh province has taken place complicatedly with sophisticated tricks and methods.

The department has taken operational measures and specialized equipment in customs control and supervision such as baggage scanners, hand-held drug detectors, drug testing machines, and sniffer dogs to prevent and fight smuggling, and combat activities of trafficking, storing and illegal transportation of drugs on means of transport and in baggage.

The effective and drastic performance has helped the department achieve remarkable results in tackling drug-related crimes. However, criminals have abused the achievements of science and technology to commit crimes.

Meanwhile, Cau Treo International Border Gate is located in a dangerous and complicated terrain and harsh climate, making it difficult to patrol, control and prevent smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across borders.

Cau Treo International Border Gate Customs Branch has provided many solutions to arrest and handle violations. One effective solution is to improve drug detection devices’ efficiency.

On July 17, 2018, during performing at the entry channel, Cau Treo Border Gate Customs Branch detected a 7-seat car showing suspicious signs and inspected the car. In order to identify the tricks to hide drugs, the Customs used a baggage scanner and discovered 52 packages of heroin, and 25kg of meth hidden in the luggage.

On September 8, 2020, the Branch co-chaired with the Border Guard Station of Cau Treo International Border Gate in coordination with competent forces to use baggage scanners to inspect five wooden statues on two cars driven by Dau Trong Nhan, 47, residing in Son Linh commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province

Through the image of the scanner, the customs detected suspected signs inside the wooden statues and conducted an inspection. The inspection result of the quick test showed positive for drugs. The Customs seized 93kg of methamphetamine and 5kg of ketamine hidden inside these statues.

According to a representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department, with the sophisticated tricks of smugglers, if the scanning device is not used, it will be difficult to detect drugs.

Improving skills in using scanners

According to Ha Tinh Customs Department, many border gates have not been equipped with cargo container scanners, so there is a high risk of drugs hidden inside containers, means of transport carrying goods.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Long, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department, said that the department organized training sessions to exchange experiences and provide skills and experiences on using tools to detect, prevent and handle cross-border drug trafficking for forces specialized in work.

Ha Tinh Customs Department has strengthened the use of specialized devices and sniffer dogs for drug prevention and control. As the key role in the prevention of crimes in the “hot” area, the department has been equipped with three additional handheld scanners by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, said Long.

Ha Tinh Customs has promoted the use of technical devices, specialized scanners to detect and arrest criminals of drug trafficking and transportation via land and sea routes.

Strictly inspect and control key routes and locations to prevent illegal activities of drug smuggling and illegal transportation across the border.

By Nu Bui/Ngoc Loan


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