Ha Tinh Customs implements six key areas of administrative reform


VCN – Ha Tinh Customs is drastically performing administrative reform, focusing on six key areas – institutional reform, administrative procedure reform, organisational structure reform, official duty regime, public finance reform, building and developing e-Government, digital government.

Identifying administrative reform as a key task, throughout the process of reform and modernization, in order to improve the public administrative reform (PAR) index, Ha Tinh Customs has focused on collecting comments from affiliated units to develop plans from the first days of the year.

The unit has developed a plan for administrative reform in 2022. In particular, the unit has identified 29 key tasks related to the six areas mentioned above.

In addition, the unit upholds the responsibilities of the heads of subordinate units, which are decisive for the effectiveness of administrative reform.

Vung Ang Customs officers instruct enterprises to carry out customs procedure. Photo: H.Nụ
Vung Ang Customs officers instruct enterprises to carry out customs procedure. Photo: H.Nụ

According to Mr. Dinh Van Hoa, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department, from 2021, Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee began to assess the completion of tasks of heads of State administrative agencies and central agencies in the province on the implementation of administrative reform. This further affirmed the prerequisite role of the leader. Thus, the unit also upholds the responsibility of the leader in performing PAR tasks.

Accordingly, in the first quarter of 2022, the unit issued 14 documents of all kinds, including plans for law dissemination and education; communication, support and information provision in 2022; the plan on checking documents and monitoring law enforcement in 2022; and the plan to review and systematize legal documents on customs in 2022.

Furthermore, developing a plan to deploy information technology application in 2022; guiding units to deploy free customs declaration software; carry out a number of work contents such as guiding enterprises in the area to declare electronic customs procedures; instructing units to implement statistical reporting forms for data extraction on the VNACSS/VCIS system; issuing a plan on the development of Customs – Enterprises partnership and stakeholders in 2022; maintaining the efficient operation of the online public service system; state revenue collection through commercial banks.

In 2022, implementing administrative reform tasks in the context Covid-19, Ha Tinh Customs said that improving service quality towards the satisfaction of businesses and people is an urgent issue.

In particular, the publicity and transparency of administrative procedures, regularly reviewing and proposing solutions to minimize administrative procedures, reducing time, and minimizing incurred costs were always “concerns” of all leaders, officers and employees of Ha Tinh Customs, Mr. Dinh Van Hoa said.

In the future, to maintain the top position in the province and the whole sector in the PAR assessment index, Ha Tinh Customs is developing a plan to improve the PAR index, continue to promote the areas achieving good results; overcome shortcomings, limitations and the criteria for which points are deducted; seriously carry out surveys and assessments of the satisfaction of organizations and individuals through the settlement of administrative procedures (in many direct and indirect forms).

At the same time, Ha Tinh Customs will also strengthen inspection (periodically and irregularly) relating to the observance of discipline, administrative discipline, administrative reform, and attitude of customs officers in task performance; strictly handle violating organizations and individuals.

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy


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