Ha Tinh Customs collects more than VND1 500 billion at the beginning of 2022


After being assigned the target of revenue collection in 2022 by the General Department of Vietnam Customs and People’s Committee of Ha Tinh province, Ha Tinh Customs Department issued Decision No.447/QĐ-HQHT on allocating state budget 2022 to customs branches.

Along with that, the unit also issued plan No.120/KH-HQHT on performing tasks and solutions of revenue collection in 2022. Ha Tinh Customs Department tried to achieve the target of collecting more than VND8,500 billion which is assigned by the People’s Committee in Resolution No.42/NQ-HĐND dated December 16, 2021.

Mr. Dinh Van Hoa, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department, said that: “This year’s target was higher than last year by VND3,320 billion. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting business and production activities, revenue collection was more difficult. Hence, at the beginning of the year, the unit set high determination, allocating the target and develop specific plans to perform the task effectively.”

Cau TreoCustoms officers strengthened the inspection of import and export goods transporting through the area. Photo: Phan Trâm
Cau TreoCustoms officers strengthened the inspection of import and export goods transporting through the area. Photo: Phan Trâm

Besides allocating targets to affiliated units, Ha Tinh Customs Department also deployed solutions promoting revenue collection in 2022. Accordingly, Ha Tinh Customs Department continued to carry out administrative reform, customs modernization, trade facilitation and import-export activities in order to reduce the time and costs of cargo clearance.

Moreover, the unit continues maintaining the Business – Customs consultation group and improving effectiveness in order to timely remove difficulties relating to procedures, tax policy, tax management, accounting system, tax refund and exemption. Ha Tinh Customs also focused on tasks of post-clearance audit, specialized inspection, anti-smuggling and trade fraud prevention. In particular, the unit concentrated on inspection of valuation, HS code, C/O for some items which have high tariff rates, large import-export turnover, and huge import volume.

The statistics showed that, by January 31, 2022, Ha Tinh Customs had completed procedures for more than 1,050 declarations with a total import-export turnover of more than US$360 million. Thereby, Ha Tinh Customs Department has collected and paid more than VND1,500 billion into the state budget, an increase of 275% compared to the same period in 2021.

In the first month of the year alone, Vung Ang Port Customs Branch collected VND1,473 billion, an increase of 89.7% compared to December 2021, an increase of 181% over the same period in 2021. This is the motivation for Vung Ang Customs to strive to exceed the assigned target in 2022.

Starting the task of revenue collection in 2022 with the above impressive results, it is believed that the target of VND8,500 billion assigned by the Provincial People’s Council will be successfully completed by the Ha Tinh Customs Department in order to gradually bring Ha Tinh closer to the target of reaching VND28,000 billion by 2025 that the 19th Provincial Party Congress had set out, Dinh Van Hoa said.

Also according to Mr. Dinh Van Hoa, with the spirit of actively supporting and facilitating import and export activities, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, 100% of units under Ha Tinh Customs had arranged one out of three of the number of troops to perform duty on Tet holiday.

In particular, at Cau Treo international border gate Customs Branch, enterprises still opened customs declarations by the end of 31 January 2022. During the Tet holiday, although no businesses have opened import-export declarations, trade activities across the Vietnam-Laos border still took place smoothly, so Customs officers cooperate with competent forces to stay on duty 24/7 to inspect and control people and vehicles.

At Vung Ang port Customs Branch, in the first days of the new year, large ships still entered and loaded goods of Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Those are shipments opened declarations in the last days of 2021.


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