Ha Noi Tax Department to launch e invoices created from POS cash registers


VCN – Ha Noi Tax Department will launch e-invoices created from POS cash registers for business households and businesses, the department said.

Ha Noi Tax Department to launch e-invoices created from POS cash registers
The Tax Department will connect solution providers with taxpayers to execute e-invoices created from POS cash registers.

The city’s tax department has reviewed the actual situation and listed 813 business households and 5,372 enterprises using the POS cash registers.

The department will connect the solution providers with the taxpayers; review businesses and business households paying taxes using the POS cash registers in five sectors (commercial centers; supermarkets; retailers; food and beverage; restaurants; hotels), and select compliant taxpayers for pilot operation.

According to the department, the e-invoices created from POS cash registers will be applied to businesses, business households and individuals that pay taxes under the declaration method and using e-invoices with or without the code issued by the tax authorities but providing products and services to the consumers through business models (commercial centers; supermarkets; retailers; catering; restaurants; hotels; medicine retailers; entertainment and other services).

Due to a large number of e-invoices, the taxpayers are allowed to select the POS cash registers to make e-invoices that are connected to the tax authorities for the above-mentioned business activities or use e-invoices with codes or without codes.

The General Department of Taxation will instruct the application of the code issued by the tax authority to participate in the prize program in accordance with the roadmap for applying e-invoices with tax code created from POS cash registers and relevant laws.

This aims to promote the tax declaration and payment by encouraging people to buy goods from legitimate traders.

If people know that the invoice made from the cash register connected with the tax office can be used for prize-winning, they will always want to receive the invoice upon purchasing goods and services and will support traders that use e-invoices.

If a store or company does not print out invoices for the buyer, the store may not pay taxes to the state and the buyer also does not return the store because they will lose an opportunity to win a prize.

To use e-invoices made from cash registers, taxpayers must meet requirements such as stable internet connection; POS, or computer with sales software or accounting software or smartphones.

By Thuy Linh/Hoang Loan


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