GDVC officially organizes the test on team level leadership assessment


VCN – On May 16 and 17, the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) officially organized a test on team-level leadership assessment for 349 officials from 19 provincial and municipal customs departments.

GDVC perform tasks in second quarter of 2023GDVC perform tasks in second quarter of 2023
GDVC officially organizes the test on team-level leadership assessment
Officers participated in the pilot capacity assessment in January 2023. Photo: Quang Hung

The GDVC instructed the score level for each level for candidates to understand and prepare well for the test.

The difficulty level of the test for management leadership has not yet been classified in the first years of implementation under the Leadership Competency Framework at the division level.

To meet the requirements, leaders only need to correctly answer 50% of the questions about leadership and management capacity. However, when updating to the capacity assessment software of the GDVC, the software does not allow adjusting the proficiency level; it can only provide four levels: 0, 1, 2 and 3.

On May 30 and 31 and June 1, the GDVC will organize the team-level leadership assessment test for 458 officers from 16 local customs departments.

Therefore, based on the Leadership Competency Framework, the GDVC has classified level 1 for the management leader correctly answering 50% of questions, level 2 for leaders answering 66% of questions, and level 3 for leaders answering 83% of questions or more. Therefore, regarding the test on leadership assessment under the Leadership Competency Framework, the leader achieving level 1 will pass the test (correctly answering 50% of questions or more).

For the technical test, the leader’s professional competence level is determined under the same principle as the proficiency level of officers who do not hold leadership positions.

In January, the GDVC held a pilot test on team-level leadership assessment for leaders of GDVC’s departments and local customs departments.

The pilot test will help candidates understand how to take the test, assess the difficulty and complexity of questions and follow practical problems, thereby minimizing errors before conducting the official exam.

Through the pilot, the organizers see the smooth operation of the capacity assessment software system.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan


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