Expanding scope of enterprises joining the Compliance Program


VCN – In the future, the support for enterprises participating in the Compliance Program to help them voluntarily comply with the customs law will be expanded.

Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Hoang Viet Cuong speaks at the online conference. Photo: T.Binh
Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Hoang Viet Cuong speaks at the online conference. Photo: T.Binh

The program recorded 207 participating enterprises

On the morning of April 14, Deputy General Director of the General Department of Customs Hoang Viet Cuong chaired an online conference to evaluate the implementation of Decision No. 1399/QD-TCHQ dated July 15, 2022 of the General Department of Customs on the Compliance Program to support and encourage enterprises to voluntarily comply with customs laws.

Reporting at the conference, the representative of the unit in charge of implementing the Program, Deputy Director of the Risk Management Department (General Department of Customs) Ho Ngoc Phan said that the country has 207 import-export enterprises participating in the program. In terms of implementation, the units have basically implemented the objectives and guidelines of the General Department of Customs.

Regarding the support, local customs departments have recorded 80 requests from member enterprises and 100% of requests have been processed.

At the conference, leaders of local customs departments in Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Hai Phong said that to support businesses participating in the Program, the units have strengthened advertising the program through business dialogue conferences.

In particular, the units have arranged for qualified and experienced officials and civil servants to directly handle procedures and solve problems for member enterprises; some units have arranged separate support areas.

For the goals and solutions to implement the program for the next period, the leader of the Risk Management Department said that one of the key tasks set out is to continue to expand participants, projected to increase by 20% or more of projects, and offer solutions to make business support more practical and effective, helping them comply with the law and facilitate the import and export of goods.

Further highlight the benefits for the business community

Speaking at the conclusion of the conference, Deputy Director General Hoang Viet Cuong said that the program has only been implemented for about six months but has achieved remarkable results.

The implementation of the program is a specific action of the Customs in facilitating trade activities, thus attracting the business community, contributing to changing their awareness of law compliance.

On the side of the Customs authority, it is a change in the concept of consider enterprises as an object of management to a partner.

The Deputy Director General recognized and praised the efforts of departments, divisions of the General Department, local customs departments, especially the Risk Management Department.

In addition, the Deputy General Director also frankly pointed out the shortcomings that should be removed such as connection, coordination and information exchange among units; on business selection criteria; information technology, there is no support system, so the monitoring has to be done manually, which takes time and human resources.

Online conference with some local customs departments.
Online conference with some local customs departments.

Regarding the implementation orientation of the program in the coming period, the Deputy Director General agreed with the draft report of the Risk Management Department and the proposals of a number of local customs units.

In which, the Deputy Director General emphasized a number of key contents such as expanding the number of participating enterprises; amending the business selection criteria; continuing to perfect the information technology system; strengthening coordination; and enhancing dissemination.

“The target set this year is that the number of participating enterprises must reach at least 20% in 2022. Regarding the type of business, in addition to manufacturing enterprises, it is advisable to consider customs clearance agents and it is necessary to clarify and highlight the benefits of the program to the business community,” said the Deputy Director General.

Improving law compliance of small and medium business community Improving law compliance of small and medium business community

According to the Deputy Director General, this is a program to support and encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with customs laws, so units must show a more proactive role in approaching and supporting businesses to see the benefits brought by the program.

By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang


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