Drug related crimes in the first month of 2022 increase 369 to over 4 000 cases


VCN – The number of drug-related crimes in January 2022 increased by triple digits compared with December 2021.

Drug-related crimes in the first month of 2022 increase 369% to over 4,000 cases
The number of crimes in January 2022. Photo: Thai Binh.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the number of drug-related crimes in January across the country increased 369% or 3,232 cases to 4,108 cases compared with December 2021.

3,503 crimes related to social order occurred in January across the country. The Police tackled 3,122 cases, arrested 7,703 suspects, and combated 123 criminal gangs. The rate of detected cases reached 89.12%.

The number of violations decreased by 350 cases, and by 27 cases of detected cases, increasing by 2,267 in arrested suspects and 98 tackled criminal gangs compared with the previous month.

The number of economic-related crimes rose by 603 cases to 963 cases month-on-month.

Crimes related to environment and food safety grew by 209 cases to 224 cases compared with the previous month.

691 wanted persons were arrested, including 215 dangerous and extremely dangerous people across the whole country.

The number of dangerous and extremely dangerous persons increased by 435, and the number of arrested suspects rose by 126 compared with December.

Compared to December 2021, there was an increase of 435 subjects, the number of dangerous and extremely dangerous subjects arrested, the mobilization of surrender and the elimination of 126 subjects increased.

According to the Investigation Police Department on Drug-related Crimes (C04, Ministry of Public Security), the department coordinated with other competent agencies to handle 26,193 cases and 38,270 suspects in 2021.

The department seized 680kg of heroin, over 2.7 tons and 2.3 million synthetic drug tablets, over 990kg of cannabis; more than 140kg of opium, 274 guns, hundreds of bullets, more than VND23 billion and many related pieces of evidence.

The investigation police forces on drug-related crimes across the country prosecuted 22,606 cases with 30,083 drug-related suspects, increasing by 5.8% in the number of cases and 9.7% in the number of suspects compared with 2020.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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