Dong Thap Customs discusses and removes obstacles for enterprises


VCN – After the Covid-19 pandemic was brought under control, Dong Thap Customs Departments removed obstacles for import and export enterprises to support them in restoring their operation.

Dong Thap Customs discusses and removes obstacles for enterprises
Officers of Dinh Ba Customs Branch under Dong Thap Customs Department carry out procedures for enterprises. Photo: T.H

Dialogue conferences from customs department and branch levels

After the Covid-19 pandemic was brought under control, Dong Thap Customs Department and border gate customs branches have held dialogue conferences with import-export enterprises that carry out customs procedures in the area. The department introduced new legal documents and policies to enterprises, and answered problems related to policies and laws at the conferences.

According to Manager of Dong Thap Seaport Customs Branch Nguyen Huu Duc, the branch held dialogue conferences with enterprises carrying out customs procedures across Dong Thap Seaport. Through the conference, the Customs recorded difficulties and proposals and answered these problems.

At the conferences, the customs branches introduced new regulations related to customs procedures for the business community, and provided information related to customs and modernization to enterprises.

The leaders of departments under Dong Thap Customs Department recommended errors of enterprises in the management of goods processed and produced for export, the use of tax-free investment goods that were discovered by the Customs through the inspection and post clearance audit.

At the dialogue conferences, the leaders of Dong Thap Customs Department and border gate Customs Branches committed to facilitating import and export activities, means of transport on entry and exit to remove obstacles in a timely fashion for enterprises in customs process. The Customs also expects businesses to cooperate well with the Customs in complying with current regulations.

The customs department has also provided effective solutions to disseminate new policies. For example, the application of VAT reduction from 10% to 8% under Resolution 43/2022/NQ-QH15 of the National Assembly, the department has published information via its website, listed in customs check points and sent instructions to enterprises.

In addition, the department set up a support group to guide businesses in using the free customs declaration software.

Strengthen partnership

Dong Thap Customs Department pays great attention to developing Customs-Business partnershipw. To effectively implement this program, the Customs Department has made a plan on developing the partnership of Customs, Business and stakeholders in 2022.

At the end of July 2022, Dong Thap Customs Department held a Customs-Business cooperation signing ceremony with Nghi Phong Joint Venture Co., Ltd and Ty Thac Co., Ltd. The two foreign-invested enterprises engaged in processing and manufacturing export goods, regularly carrying out customs procedures and complying with customs law. The signing of the agreement with these two businesses plays an important role, recognizing the Customs-Business partnership, further facilitating and supporting enterprises, especially in the field of export processing and production.

According to the leader of Dong Thap Customs Department, the contents in the agreement are aimed at enhancing cooperation between the parties, complying with customs regulations, contributing to improving the quality of the Customs Service Charter and building the customs of professionalisms-transparency- efficiency, and facilitating enterprises in import and export. The department has currently signed agreements with five local importers and exporters.

The Department also has performed effective solutions to support enterprises. According to Deputy Director of Dong Thap Customs Department Nguyen Huu Thanh, the department regularly gathers feedback from enterprises that regularly carry out procedures in the area. The department has consulted over 50 enterprises. The border gate and seaport customs branches have collected opinion from dozens of businesses on customs procedures, problems and assessment of the service quality of customs officers to support and instruct businesses, helping businesses restore the business production after the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of July 31, Dong Thap Customs Department has collected VND251 billion, meeting 228% of the target, made records on administrative violations for 92 cases.

By Le Thu/ Ngoc Loan


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