Director General Nguyen Van Can works with Hanoi Customs Department on smart customs model


VCN – Director General of the General Department of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can worked with Hanoi Customs Department on the smart customs model on Thursday.

5623 5815 sua - Director General Nguyen Van Can works with Hanoi Customs Department on smart customs model
Director General Nguyen Van Can addresses the meeting with Hanoi Customs department. Photo: Ngoc Linh

At the meeting, Director General Nguyen Van Can highly appreciated Hanoi Customs Department for approaching the smart customs model, and practical awareness associated with legal regulations, practical analysis, and comments on future processes.

This is the key policy of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC). Therefore, units participating in the meeting need to carefully discuss each content to propose solutions to perfect the model, the Director General said.

Director of Hanoi Customs Department Duong Phu Dong said the department appreciates the efficiency of the development of the smart customs model according to the policy of the Ministry of Finance and the GDVC.

According to the department, the smart customs model has a high automation level and applies new and advanced scientific and technological achievements based on a digital and paperless platform, ensuring transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and predictability, adapting to fluctuations of international trade and management requirements of Customs authorities, information exchanges with ministries and government agencies, meeting international standards, and serving people and businesses.

Hanoi Customs Department realizes the smart customs model is an advanced information technology-based model that is consistent with the operations and organizational structure

The system is a centralized, automated and smart system that applies scientific advances of the fourth industrial revolution and digital-based platform, and integrates customs system and connects information with ministries and government agencies.

The general department, local customs department and branch levels will apply a centralized and smart model at the different levels under the decentralization in management for imports and exports, means of transport and in line with international standards. The dossier receipt, check and tax collection will be carried out at a post-clearance audit branch located at the headquarters of the regional/provincial and municipal customs department.

The organizational structure of the customs includes three levels (the general department, regional/provincial and municipal customs department and customs branch levels), which performs streamlining, reducing focal points and not overlapping of functions and tasks, ensuring effective, efficient and unified operation to meet requirements on the centralized and smart customs model.

At the meeting, the representatives of units discussed the department’s proposals on customs procedures for imports and exports declared in paper form under the smart customs model; express goods; budget targets assigned by local People’s Committees and goods subject to border-gate transfer to ICD My Dinh and ICD Long Bien, and handling of administrative violations.

The Director General requested the GDVC’s departments to work with Hanoi Customs Department to specify the organizational structure, operations under the digital customs model to each customs officer of local customs units.

The department’s leader said the department will actively participate in key tasks that are launched by the GDVC.

The department will build institutions, propose to issue relevant legal documents and procedures, restructure apparatus to launch the smart and digital customs model; develop and operate the IT system and provide technical facilities.

It will also develop and implement the dissemination programs to the business community to achieve unification in performance of the business community, leaders of local government agencies and relevant parties.

Hanoi Customs Department will meet requirements on the implementation of smart customs model in line with the GDVC’s plan.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan


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