Customs earns about VND295 000 billion in revenue


VCN- Customs earned over VND30,000 billion in revenue in August, the General Department of Vietnam Customs said.

Customs earns about VND295,000 billion in revenue
Imported automobiles are one of the major commodity groups that contribute high customs revenue. Photo: T.B

The revenue from imports and exports between January and August reached VND31,714 billion.

As of August 30, the Customs revenue saw a year-on-year increase of 14.6% to VND294,367 billion, meeting 83.6% of the estimate and 79.6% of the ambitious target.

In August, the total trade in goods rose by 5.2% to US$64.34 billion compared with July.

The export turnover and import turnover increased 9.1% and 1.4% to VND33.38 billion and US$30.96 billion, respectively.

The total trade in goods between January and August grew by 15.5% or US$66.63 billion to US$497.64 billion.

The export and export turnover increased by 17.3% and 13.6% to US$250.80 billion and US$246.84 billion.

In August, the country had a trade surplus of US$2.42 billion. Between January and August, the trade surplus was estimated at US$3.96 billion.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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