Cao Bang Customs revenue achieves impressive results


VCN – In the first ten months of the year, Cao Bang Customs Department collected VND2,500 billion. This is the highest revenue from the department’s establishment in 1952 to the current date.

Cao Bang Customs' revenue achieves impressive results
Officers of Ta Lung Border Gate Customs Branch inspect imported cars. Photo: Q.H

According to Cao Bang Customs Department, in the first ten months of the year, the import and export across border gates were limited due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the “Zero Covid” policy by the Chinese government. However, import and export activities have recently prospered but have not yet ensured the sustainability factor.

In that context, the department has provided measures to effectively prevent the disease and ensure the customs management and facilitation of import and export activities.

Between January and October, 305 enterprises implemented import and export activities at Cao Bang Customs Department. As a result, total trade in goods surged by 70% year-on-year to US$669.6. The import turnover rose by 293% to US$551.11 million. However, the export turnover was reduced by 58% to US$118.56 million.

Exported items are mainly vegetables, cashew nuts, pepper, and wood. The imported items include coal, fabric, machinery and spare parts.

Notably, a large quantity of CBU cars was imported by Cao Bang Customs Department.

Director of Cao Bang Customs Department, Le Viet Phong, said due to the implementation of Covid 19 control measures and restriction of import and export activities at border gates neighbouring Lang Son province, including auto products. Therefore, importers and exporters have carried out procedures at Ta Lung Border Gate, especially for CBU cars.

At the end of October, Cao Bang Customs Department, 10,274 CBU cars were implemented import procedures with a total import and export turnover of US$ 460.5 million, accounting for 90% of the total import turnover.

The department’s revenue sees positive results thanks to the CBU car import. In October, the revenue grew by 31% month-on-month to VND171.4 billion, increasing the revenue in the first ten months to VND2,547 billion, up 1,003% compared with the year ago. The imported car accounted for 90%.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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