Ninh Thuan Customs supports import – export enterprises


Ninh Thuan Customs Branch instructed enterprise to carrry out export procedures. Photo: T.H
Ninh Thuan Customs Branch instructed the enterprise to carry out export procedures. Photo: T.H

Accompany with enterprises

A Vietnamese company, Hoa Kien Nhan, is ramping up its fly ash exports to Hong Kong and the Philippines. They’ve already shipped 60,000-70,000 tons this year, with another 15,000 tons planned for June (three shipments). Mr, Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Director of Hoa Kien Nhan Company said that the company’s export volume was very large up to thousand tons. The Ninh Thuan Customs Branch has been instrumental in streamlining the export process, providing clear guidance for each shipment.

“This is a new exported item so we have received specific instructions about customs procedures from Ninh Thuan Customs Branch, thus those exported shipments have been completed procedures quickly”, Mr. Hoa shared.

According to Director of Ninh Thuan Customs Branch Pham Minh Hung, import and export goods cleared through the branch mainly serve the production and export of agricultural and aquatic products… The main export goods were frozen shrimp, cashew nuts, and stuffed animals; enterprises mainly import raw materials to serve export production. The number of enterprises carrying out regular import and export procedures for goods in the area was not many, which were export production and processing enterprises. Therefore, in recent times, besides supporting, and disseminating legal regulations related to processed goods – export production, facilitating businesses to carry out procedures, Ninh Thuan Customs Branch regularly guided and urged businesses to carry out settlement reports following the regulations.

Besides trade facilitation, Ninh Thuan Customs Branch also prioritizes anti-smuggling efforts and debt collection to maintain a fair business environment. Recently, the Branch has coordinated with Khanh Hoa Customs Department to recover over VND31 billion in tax arrears from a single company through conducting a post-clearance audit.

Catch up with goods transporting through Ca Na port

In addition to supporting processing and export enterprises with customs procedures, Ninh Thuan Customs Branch has been collaborating with port operators since mid-2023 to prepare for handling cargo through the Trung Nam Ca Na International Port.

The Trung Nam Ca Na International Port is a relatively new facility and is still under development. As a result, the cargo handled through the port is primarily for export. Since mid-2023, when the Ninh Thuan Customs Branch cleared the first export shipment of crushed granite for construction through the port, the branch has facilitated customs procedures for eight foreign vessels exporting fly ash.

According to a representative of the Trung Nam Ca Na International Port, the Ca Na deep-sea port complex comprises 17 berths with a total investment of VND 6,500 billion. It encompasses all planned components, including berths, rafts, yards, warehouses, auxiliary facilities, services, technical infrastructure hubs, transportation, and greenery. Strategically located, the port aims to serve as a cargo transshipment hub for the entire South Central Coast and Central Highlands regions, alleviating the pressure on ports in the Southeast and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the port is in its completion phase and is expected to attract more foreign vessels in the future.

Manager Phạm Minh Hùng stated that the volume of cargo passing through the Trung Nam Ca Na International Port is still relatively low. The branch primarily facilitates customs clearance for exported fly ash and crushed granite for construction. To streamline the process for both exporters and port operators, the Ninh Thuan Customs Branch has proactively provided customs procedure guidance to enterprises and has assigned staff to be readily available to handle customs clearance for cargo arriving at the port.


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