Transparent information protects consumer rights


Transparent information protects consumer rights

In your opinion, how has there been a change in people’s awareness of consumer rights over time, and what risks consumers may encounter as e-commerce increasingly develops?

Consumer awareness and awareness of consumer rights has been increasingly raised. However, when e-commerce develops strongly, besides bringing many advantages, there are also troubles for consumers. If consumers have not kept up with that speed of development, their knowledge and skills to join the online environment will be limited, while there are more and more acts of violating consumer rights in the online environment. The clear and transparent information protects not only consumers but even manufacturing businesses in protecting their own brands.

On July 1, 2024, the Law on Consumer Rights Protection (amended) will officially take effect. What does this mean in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers?

With many completed and supplemented regulations, the Law on Consumer Rights Protection (amended) has adjusted many new issues that arise in practice…

The legal provisions in this law are more specific and detailed. Therefore, when the law takes effect, it will ensure consumer rights more closely.

When consumers are aware of their rights and there are laws to protect those rights, it will be of great significance in commercial development. Because production and business units are also aware that predatory and non-transparent forms of business will gradually be eliminated. Therefore, when consumer rights are guaranteed, businesses can win the trust and needs of consumers, thereby enhancing business reputation and promoting production and business. Enterprises need to promote responsibility in production and business activities; providing accurate and timely information so consumers can make correct and safe decisions.

What do consumers need to do for policies to be effective? From the perspective of associations and social organizations, what solutions will continue to have to protect the rights of consumers, sir?

For consumers, when there is a policy but the level of understanding of their rights and legal benefits is not complete, the effectiveness of the policy will be lost. Moreover, lack of knowledge about the law will be an opportunity for dishonest business entities to harm consumers. Therefore, when understanding the law more thoroughly, consumers will also be more bold in speaking up.

Consumers need to be conscious of protecting their legitimate rights and interests. Be careful in the process of choosing, paying, and using goods and services. Consumers themselves need to boldly voice suggestions and complaints when encountering problems where their rights are violated to participate in detecting, handling and building a healthy business and consumption environment.

From the perspective of associations and social organizations from central to local levels, we will be more active in propaganda work so that the Law on Consumer Rights Protection comes to life.


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