Binh Dinh Customs conducts administrative reform benefiting businesses


At a meeting and dialogue conference with more than 400 import-export businesses on May 20, many businesses recognized and appreciated the clear changes in administrative reform, as well as the dedicated guidance on procedures, removal of problems of civil servants of Binh Dinh Customs Department. This support has helped businesses get fast clearance and avoid warehousing and storage costs…

As one of the largest seafood export enterprises in Binh Dinh province, sharing with us on the sidelines of the conference, Ms. Cao Thi Kim Lan, Director of Binh Dinh Seafood JSC, said that the enterprise has just imported tuna raw materials for production and exporting frozen and canned products in very large quantities. On average, each month the company carries out import and export of 120-140 containers, reaching nearly US$250 million each year.

In recent times, seafood exporters and tuna exporters have encountered many trade barriers from importing countries, especially the European market, and management agencies have implemented many regulations on specialized inspection, affecting import-export activities of enterprises. However, Binh Dinh Customs Department shared and given very specific instructions on new regulations and procedures, especially for exported seafood, helping businesses get fast customs clearance and avoid raising costs.

Officials of Quy Nhon Port Border Gate Customs Branch inspect imported goods. Photo: T.H
Officials of Quy Nhon Port Border Gate Customs Branch inspect imported goods. Photo: T.H

Giving specific evidence of the Binh Dinh Customs Department acting as a bridge to solve problems with exported wood pellets in recent times, Mr. Le Minh Thien, Chairman of Binh Dinh Wood Association shared, not only guiding customs procedures, Binh Dinh Customs Department has supported businesses in removing problems related to other fields.

Binh Dinh Wood Association has more than 150 member enterprises participating in export, accounting for over 60% of Binh Dinh province’s turnover. Of the more than US$1.6 billion in wood exports achieved in 2023, wood industry enterprises in Binh Dinh province accounted for over US$1 billion.

The above results have great support from civil servants of Binh Dinh Customs Department who always accompany businesses. That is, customs procedures are increasingly simpler, the proportion of goods exempt from inspection is increasing, especially customs officers who understand procedures and promptly update a lot of information for businesses.

“We look forward to coordinating with Binh Dinh Customs Department to organize a specialized conference so that businesses can share more about issues related to the wood processing and export industry…” – Mr. Le Minh Thien said.

Not only do domestic businesses appreciate the administrative reform work of Binh Dinh Customs Department, many foreign investors also share very positive assessments that the Customs agency has supported them during the implementation of local investment projects.

Mr. Ma Nhat Huy, Director of Hai Long Binh Dinh Co., Ltd., 100% invested from China, said he was very pleased to get sharing from the leader of Binh Dinh Customs Department. Although the company has just operated for 2 years in Binh Dinh, the company has produced and exported about 1 million tons of animal feed. In addition to the support of a number of agencies in Binh Dinh province, we received very sincere support from the Customs agency, so after two years of operation, Hai Long Binh Dinh Co., Ltd. has now made a profit.

Similarly, the General Director of a company with investment capital from Korea said that the company specializes in manufacturing and exporting sportswear and pajamas, and has completed phase 1 investment, starting production in 2022 with more than 80 production lines and more than 2,600 workers. It is expected that this year the company will increase to 100 production lines and recruit 1,000 more workers. When expanding investment, the company receive active support from Quy Nhon Port Border Gate Customs in importing machinery and equipment, creating fixed assets. Goods are cleared through customs on the same day, so the company promptly install them and put them into operation on schedule.

The channeling rate for business declarations at Binh Dinh Customs Department in the first 5 months of 2024 has improved significantly, with the rate of Green channel – exemption from physical inspection of goods increasing significantly compared to 2023, the Green channel rose from 62.4% to 64%; Red channel – physical inspection reduced from 4.7% to only 3%.

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