Lang Son Customs cooperates to fight smuggling and trade fraud


On July 28, 2023, Lang Son Customs Department (Vietnam Customs) held a meeting with Nanning Customs (China Customs) to share the results achieved in cargo clearance activities between the two sides' border gates. Photo: Tô Hà
On July 28, 2023, Lang Son Customs Department (Vietnam Customs) held a meeting with Nanning Customs (China Customs) to share the results achieved in cargo clearance activities between the two sides’ border gates. Photo: Tô Hà

Effective in cooperation

Implementing the direction of all levels and making efforts to facilitate cargo clearance activities of businesses, in recent times, Lang Son Customs Department has chaired and coordinated with other departments of Lang Son province to organize many online and direct discussions and exchanges with agencies and departments of the Chinese side to resolve arising issues and obstacles in the process of managing and operating activities at the border gate.

In particular, to create conditions for import and export goods as well as exchange and grasp information on anti-smuggling and trade fraud, Lang Son Customs Department proactively discussed and held direct talks with the Nanning Customs Department many specific cases.

Through regular discussions and exchanges, practical results have been brought about. In addition, based on the “Support and Cooperation Agreement between Vietnam Customs and China Customs” and the minutes of talks between the three Customs Departments including Lang Son, Cao Bang, Quang Ninh (Vietnam) and Nanning Customs, Lang Son Customs Department has always been proactive in exchanging and capturing information on anti-smuggling and trade fraud between the two countries.

The positivity in cooperation and exchange has brought clear results for Lang Son Customs. Specifically, from November 2023 to the end of April 2024, Lang Son Customs discovered and handled 974 cases of violations with a value of over VND 17 billion. Up to this point, Lang Son Customs has issued decisions to administratively sanction 965 cases with fines paid to the state budget of over VND 4.8 billion; denouncing criminals and recommending prosecution of 3 cases of Phuong Thao LS Import-Export Company Limited, Phu Quy Logistics Trading and Services Company Limited and Bao Son LS Import-Export Company Limited related to smuggling banned goods, transportation of prohibited goods, counterfeit brand goods, tax evasion…

From the numbers, it can be seen that through cooperative relationships, Lang Son Customs has gradually affirmed itself as a “bridge” in the “link” of cooperation between Vietnam – ASEAN – China. In particular, the unified exchange of cooperation measures, restoration and improvement of clearance capacity at border gates, removing difficulties and promoting import and export of goods through border gates.

Need to discuss in depth

Although many results have been achieved, according to Lang Son Customs Department, criminals are increasingly sophisticated, constantly changing their tricks and operating irregularly, resulting in difficulties in fighting smuggling and trade fraud. In particular, some businesses take advantage of green channel goods, specific mechanisms, and policies of some types of imports to commit tax evasion and fraud on product names, quantities, types, and HS codes or import goods that do not meet the conditions, counterfeit trademarks…

In addition, Chinese Customs has changed the way of managing and operating import-export activities, which has affected the forecasting work…

To exchange and share information on the import-export situation, enterprise information, goods verification, and facilitate cargo clearance between the two countries’ Customs agencies, Lang Son Customs Department proposed General Department of Vietnam Customs request Nanning Customs (China) to promptly exchange and update information on new policies related to the field of state management of customs from the Chinese Government that are about to take effect/ deployed (if any) to serve the management and anti-smuggling of Vietnam Customs.

At the same time, it is recommended that Nanning Customs should pay attention to instructing Chinese border gate customs units to promptly discuss or immediately notify Vietnamese border gate customs units of new incidents that arise, and new methods of inspection and supervision in the process of operating and managing import-export activities so that the Vietnamese side can promptly report to competent authorities; coordinate the sharing of intelligence information through contacts or talks to promptly fight against smuggling of illegal goods such as drugs, explosives, wildlife…

For typical cases, Nanning Customs is requested to promptly exchange information, especially warning information about the subjects and vehicles related to the Vietnamese side (if any) or new types of drugs, with illustrations better to serve the cooperative control activities between the two sides.

Lang Son Customs also believed that to continue to develop the cooperation mechanism and actively promote reforms, amendments and supplements to enhance the legal value of cooperation between the two sides, the two governments need to sign a Cooperation Agreement in the field of customs to create a legal basis for cooperative activities of the Customs agencies of Vietnam and China.


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