Ha Tinh Customs strictly controls smuggling and illegal transportation of gold across border


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Long, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Long, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department

Could you tell us how Ha Tinh Customs Department has controlled gold products from the border gate?

The Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, and the General Department of Customs have issued many guiding documents on gold market management. Following the instructions, Ha Tinh Customs Department has organized forces and synchronously deployed professional measures for customs inspection, supervision and control.

In particular, focusing on patrolling and controlling border gate areas, open trails on both sides of the land border gate, and goods gathering areas near the border; collecting information and analyzing risks of key subjects. Strictly conducting inspections for shipments of high-risk businesses and luggage of passengers on entry and exit.

At the same time, actively coordinating with the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department (General Department of Customs) and authorities at the border gate to exchange, share information, and fight specialized cases; disseminating and encouraging people to denounce criminals and not to assist smugglers.

Thanks to proactively taking professional measures, on May 11, Cau Treo International Border Gate Customs Branch (Ha Tinh Customs Department) and Border Guards inspected and seized 4kg of gold transported across Cau Treo international border gate. Thereby, contributing to strict management of customs operations, ensuring security, social order and safety, stabilizing and safety of the gold market, protecting consumers, and preventing revenue loss.

Could you tell us the tricks that the subjects used to carry out the acts of illicit trade of gold across the border?

Gold smuggling has shown signs of increasing with many sophisticated, complex and large-scale tricks. In particular, when the price of gold is increasing, for profit, many subjects defy tricks to illegally transport and buy gold across borders and border gates to gain illegal profits. Meanwhile, inspection and control will face many difficulties if there is no information and coordination with other authorities.

From the implementation measures, Ha Tinh Customs found that gold is a high-value item, easily hidden in luggage and vehicles and mixed in agricultural products or gold smugglers take advantage of trails and dark night to transport smuggled gold from abroad into Vietnam with many sophisticated methods and tricks such as disguising, hiding in cellars, wearing wax, under chairs, wearing on the body, hiding in clothes, etc.

For example, there is a subject wearing a very thin necklace near the neck, but the bottom of the necklace (the long chain below the chest armor is hidden in the shirt – PV) is made very large, even amounting to several taels of gold.

In addition to taking advantage of the land border, do the subjects choose to illegally transport and trade this item via sea, sir?

With the recent developments in the gold market, we believe that we cannot rule out the possibility that subjects will take advantage of the sea route to illegally buy, sell and transport gold to make a profit.

However, to control the illicit trade of gold across land borders, by sea and by air… when implementing the fighting plan, authorities need to raise awareness and responsibility in performing public duties, proactively arranging officers and deploying professional measures for customs inspection, supervision, and control in accordance with the provisions of law.

In particular, upholding the responsibility of the leader in directing, operating, managing, inspecting and supervising the work of civil servants when performing official duties; ensure good implementation of negative prevention work; Do not cover up or assist in smuggling, trade fraud, or illegal transportation of goods across land borders or seaports; promptly detect and handle violations of the law.

What has Ha Tinh Customs planned to improve the skills and capacity of officials in detecting, apprehending and handling cases related to gold smuggling?

In order to improve knowledge and skills to serve the investigation and control of violations related to illegal transportation of gold across borders, in addition to sending officials to participate in training courses organized by the General Department of Customs, Ha Tinh Customs has proactively invited representatives of specialized management agencies to directly exchange and share knowledge, skills in related professional stages.

Most recently, Ha Tinh Customs Department organized a course to guide officials to practice skills through controlling vehicles and passengers to detect tricks and acts of hiding gold. Accordingly, through the process of monitoring, controlling and capturing information, enforcement officials have learned a number of skills to identify and detect subjects who are most likely to use tricks to evade the control of authorities.

Therefore, it is required that public servants doing the control work must be very sharp, have in-depth knowledge and sophistication in capturing gestures, behaviors, attitudes as well as filter hidden tricks. In particular, conducting unexpected checks on people whose behavior of using cars, passenger cars, pickup trucks with unusual signs, thereby selecting subjects for thoroughly inspection.

In addition, civil servants when applying control measures must have in-depth knowledge from their professional operations and refer to knowledge and descriptions on the internet to identify and decide to inspect when there is a suspicion. After a seizure, to determine real gold – fake gold, age of gold., the customs must still coordinate with specialized agencies to implement verification.

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