Hanoi Customs held dialogues with businesses on policies on export processing and production


scene of dialogue
Scene of dialogue

Therefore, updating state management policies on customs for types of processing, export production, and export processing is an important issue. This is also the topic at the Customs-Business 2024 dialogue of the Hanoi Customs Department, held on May 16.

At the conference, Deputy Director of Hanoi Customs Department Hoang Quoc Quang said that Hanoi Customs Department performed the function of state management of customs in five provinces and cities (Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh). Every year, the total number of businesses carrying out regular procedures at units under the Hanoi Customs Department was more than 20,000 businesses, with about 1.6 million declarations and an average import-export turnover of about US$60 billion, including more than 1,000 enterprises engaging in the processing, export production, and export processing categories. However, this type accounts for 65% of the total customs declarations and 85% of the total turnover of goods through Hanoi Customs.

Deputy Director Hoang Quoc Quang said that through the Customs-Enterprise dialogues, the Customs authority received positive reviews from businesses about supporting and facilitating cargo clearance. However, for a long time, dialogue activities have mainly been aimed at businesses carrying out procedures for taxable goods and goods related to more specialized policies, but it has not regularly organized conferences related to the field of processing, export production, and export processing which is not subject to tax or tax exemption.

“Through reviewing the customs procedures of businesses at branches, Hanoi Customs Department found that, although the policy system is complete, there are still errors in declaration and customs procedures, and in some cases there are signs of fraud. Therefore, through this conference, besides providing information on new legal documents, guiding procedures, and highlighting common errors of businesses, Hanoi Customs also offered solutions to facilitate benefits for businesses so that the implementation of customs procedures is smooth and complies with policies and laws”, the leader of Hanoi Customs Department emphasized and said that the recommendations of businesses at the conference were also a basis for Hanoi Customs to report to all levels to continue to have reform and facilitation solutions suitable for this type.

Within the framework of the conference, leaders of Hanoi Customs Department, professional units and businesses discussed and answered many problems related to state management of customs for this type of processing, export production and export processing including customs procedures for processing, export production and export processing; origin for exported goods; post-clearance audit for processing, export production, and export processing enterprises; handling violations…


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