A series of solutions to improve administrative reform results in the Finance sector


The Ministry of Finance has seriously, and synchronously implemented key tasks and solutions for administrative reform.
The Ministry of Finance has seriously, and synchronously implemented key tasks and solutions for administrative reform.

On April 17, 2024, the Ministry of Home Affairs held a conference to announce the Satisfaction Index of Public Administrative Services 2023 (SIPAS) and the 2023 Administrative Reform Index (PAR Index) of ministries and ministerial-level agencies, People’s Committees of provinces and centrally run cities.

According to the report summarizing the scoring results of the 2023 Administrative Reform Index of ministries and ministerial-level agencies officially announced at the Conference, the Ministry of Finance continued to rank 3rd out of 17th. Ministries and ministerial-level agencies with 89.18 out of 100 points. This is the 10th consecutive year (from 2014 – 2023), the Ministry of Finance is in the group of 3 ministries and ministerial-level agencies leading in PAR-Index.

However, besides the achieved results, the 2023 PAR Index showed that some component criteria of the Ministry of Finance were still ranked at the lower level of the evaluation table.

These component criteria mainly belong to the group of criteria: development of legal documents based on the approved legal development program; carrying out an impact assessment of administrative procedures; publishing administrative procedures, and posting administrative procedures into the national database after publication; building and operating the Ministry of Finance reporting system and criteria through sociological surveys.

To continue to maintain and improve the ranking position of the Ministry of Finance’s PAR Index, continue to facilitate people and businesses, contribute to improving the business environment, and enhance national competitiveness in the coming time, the Minister of Finance requested the heads of units under the Ministry to focus on implementing key groups of administrative reform solutions.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance requires units to carefully and fully study the set of criteria and to determine the PAR Index, especially some component criteria that have not yet achieved the maximum score to implement solutions more efficiently in 2024; synchronously deploy solutions to accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital, ensuring progress according to the approved plan.

At the same time, continuing to effectively implement tasks following the Ministry of Finance’s Administrative Reform Plan for the period 2021-2025, plan to implement Resolution 01/NQ-CP, Resolution 02/NQ- CP, Administrative Reform Plan 2024 of the Ministry of Finance,… to ensure timely implementation of tasks assigned by the Government and Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Finance also determined to continue to develop effective solutions to speed up the construction progress and promulgate documents detailing and guiding the implementation of Laws and Resolutions approved by competent authorities; promptly propose to adjust the promulgation time of documents that have not met the schedule; ensuring 100% completion of schemes, projects, and legal documents following the work program approved by competent authorities.

Units must also promptly submit to the Ministry for promulgation a Decision to announce administrative procedures, publicly implement and update administrative procedures on the National Public Service Portal, the Ministry’s electronic information portal and at the on-site location under regulations; fully implement the impact assessment of administrative procedures; perform well the handling of administrative procedures for people and businesses.


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