HCM City Customs helps businesses recover


HCM City Customs Department is committed to supporting businesses to restore production and exports. Photo: T.H
HCM City Customs Department is committed to supporting businesses to restore production and exports. Photo: T.H

“Committed to being a reliable partner”

Managing nearly 50,000 importers and exporters, HCM City Customs Department is always taking businesses as the goal to build solutions in its performance. This year, businesses are recovering their production and exports after the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, from the beginning of the year, the department issued the Plan titled “The business community and HCM City Customs Department commit to being reliable partners and accompanying for economic recovery in 2022”, with a series of measures to support import and export activities.

Under this plan, HCM City Customs Department will fully implement its commitments on trade facilitation for the business community. The ministry will strictly comply with “regulations in the financial sector”; follow legal documents on customs; shorten the time for customs clearance and strive to bring Vietnam into the top of Southeast Asian States (ASEAN) in terms of further trade facilitation in import-export activities; strictly implementing the development strategy of the Ministry of Finance and Vietnam’s Customs sector: successfully deploying the National and ASEAN single-window mechanisms.

HCM City Customs Department will nurture budget revenues through many solutions to help the business community’s economic development with practical and specific action programs. In which, the department will effectively deploy an automated customs management system, towards smart customs; reduce containers storage and warehousing costs and other costs for businesses.

In particular, the customs units will update errors and violations of customs law on the system for businesses to review and avoid similar errors in implementing customs procedures; encourage enterprises to actively comply with the customs law and encourage enterprises to proactively denounce acts of violations.

Moreover, the customs branches will work with leaders of ports, airports, warehouse operators and express delivery service providers to create conditions for the business community to develop.

The General Department of Customs will speak with specialized agencies about reducing administrative procedures, applying risk management, reducing inspection time toward specialized inspection in a modern way and in accordance with international practices.

To support businesses in specialized inspection, reduce travel time and costs as well as storage costs, especially in the current period when the Government and HCM City People’s Committee are implementing a plan to support businesses with economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, create favorable conditions for businesses to carry out procedures in the area, helping to nurture revenues, ensuring stable growth of the city’s state budget revenue, HCM City Customs has proposed to HCM City People’s Committee to assign the HCM City Department of Construction to carry out specialized inspection for imported construction materials.

Breakthrough in procedural reform

With the spirit of “Breakthrough, creativity, innovation”, this year, HCM City Customs Department continues to perform the dual task of both preventing the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring favorable conditions for import-export businesses, contributing to socio-economic development in accordance with the motto of safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To further help businesses, HCM City Customs will focus on reform and modernization, especially building breakthrough solutions in administrative reform, application of information technology in management and operation to reduce trouble, time and costs for the business community; and speed up the development of a digital and smart customs platform.

In 2022, HCM City Customs Department must continue to facilitate trade, create an open environment to attract investment, while ensuring customs management, national security, safety and sovereignty, and exceed the tax revenue target of 7%.

At the Conference to honor typical businesses held at the beginning of 2022, in the presence of leaders of HCM City, Consul Generals, counselors of countries, leaders of domestic and foreign business associations and enterprises and import-export business of HCM City in 2021, Director of HCM City Customs Department Dinh Ngoc Thang committed to many contents to support businesses.

In particular, HCM City Customs will actively support and facilitate the business community to observe customs laws, strengthen administrative reform, modernize customs, and strive to reduce the time required for customs clearance of import and export goods, and prevent problems increasing costs for businesses.

Moreover, the customs agency pledges to resolutely handle and eliminate the behavior of “interference, negativity and bureaucracy” in the contingent of customs officers and make efforts to “clean up the apparatus” to best serve the business community for economic development.

HCM City Customs makes efforts to maintain import and export flow HCM City Customs makes efforts to maintain import and export flow

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Furthermore, the customs unit shall strengthen management and anti-smuggling and anti-trade fraud to create a fair competitive environment for businesses; strengthen cooperation with enterprises in the spirit of frank exchange and inquiry for rectification and always be a cooperation partner for mutual development; continue cooperation with domestic and foreign business associations to exchange, listen and receive ideas to solve difficulties and problems or report to senior leaders for timely consideration and guidance for problems that hinder commercial activities of the business community.


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