Digitalize the inspection and supervision of State Treasury


VCN – The mission set out for the State Treasury is to digitalize inspection and supervision in order to ensure the modernization schedule of payment control of state budget expenditure towards a “digital treasury”.

Professional activities at Moc Chau State Treasury, Son La province. Photo: Thùy Linh
Professional activities at Moc Chau State Treasury, Son La province. Photo: Thùy Linh

According to the State Treasury, following the orientation of the Government Inspectorate, Department of Finance Inspectorate, the State Treasury issued the internal inspection plan for affiliated units following the principles of focused inspection on high-risk job positions, which is put into the inspection plan is monitored to ensure no units are left behind.

At the same time, State Treasury issued guidance documents to provincial and State Treasury units to actively build internal inspection plans, harmonise the combination between routine inspection, cross-check and spot check. The development of a comprehensive inspection plan with key contents has become a routine throughout the system, contributing to improving the quality of inspections and risk prevention.

Regarding the organization of internal supervision activities, the State Treasury has completed the establishment of criteria for processing data on the online public service in order to serve supervision. From that, ensuring the supervision of “receiving dossiers” that is no later than eight working hours.

At the same time, the State Treasury exports data on the use of digital certificates from the State Treasury’s server to remotely supervise the observance of management security and use of digital certificates. It aimed to correct the working style and warn of possible risks at all levels of the State Treasury.

Accordingly, the State Treasury has checked, reviewed and clarified transactions signed for approval on other people’s computers (avoiding violations of security regulations in management and use of security applications installed on the computer); check and review the authorization work (avoiding the situation where there is no paper authorization but still signing for approval on the computer or authorization but the inconsistency between signing on paper documents and on the computer); checking and reviewing users who have not used the system for a long time for unknown reasons, have not revoked or temporarily stopped using according to regulations, leading to violations of regulations on management and use of digital certificates.

According to the Department of Inspectorate (State Treasury), the top result of internal inspection and supervision is that it has helped the State Treasury at all levels to clarify shortcomings, errors, and problems in the organization and implementation of new regulations related to State Treasury’s activities.

After the completion of the inspection, the State Treasury issued documents directing and rectifying the whole system. At the same time, the solutions have been agreed upon and highly appreciated by the State Treasury of the provinces and cities.

Recently, the State Treasury has implemented control of the payment of budget sources from pre-audit to post-audit in the risk management mechanism. Many state budget expenditures through the State Treasury will be made following the method of pre-payment, control later, so the post-audit work is very important and this task has been assigned to the specialized treasury inspector in order to ensure that state budget expenditures are in accordance with the prescribed regime.

An urgent requirement set for the State Treasury Inspector in this period is to innovate inspection and supervision activities in line with the roadmap to modernize inspection and examination of the whole system and ensure the conformity with the roadmap to modernize the control of the payment of state budget expenditures towards a “digital treasury”.

Accordingly, besides innovating the method of performing internal inspections and supervision by electronic methods; innovating the selection of objects for inspection and supervision, the State Treasury will innovate the way it performs inspection and supervision and perfect supervision tools.

With the method of inspection and supervision, the State Treasury requires the units to self-inspect, report, send dossiers and documents to the inspection departments; limiting direct inspection activities at agencies and units, but still ensure the provisions of the law on inspection and the principle of protection of state secrets as prescribed.

At the same time, in the immediate future, the State Treasury will study, develop, and complete an application program to serve the inspection and supervision of the use of digital certificates and transactions on online public services at the State Treasury of provinces and cities to comply with regulations, including the plan of transferring and decentralization for State Treasury units to actively exploit application programs.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy


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